What does the military
drawdown “sequestration”
mean for your servicemembers,servicemember family members and our future?

The internal attack on our
military comes at the worst time ever. Correct, the US down sized its military
after WWII and even the Vietnam War and Cold war but to downsize it during the
current war on terror, which is still currently under way for those that forgot
that every day warriors are kicking butt in Afghanistan.  Although, America has drawn down its forces in
the past “after” a war, even then it quickly regretted it.  Some may argue that we have to cut spending to
balance the national budget. I would agree however does it make any sense to
aim half of the proposed federal cuts onto the military when the military
represents one fifth of our federal spending? (Note: many cuts are being justified to support other federal efforts
i.e. Obama care instead of balancing the national budget)

What does this mean for

It hasn’t been defined 100%
yet but it is bad. On one hand it means your Marines, Sailors etc will be in
America for a long time, the down part of that means that they wont be were
terrorists are or other national securities. Yes, they will be in America, not
sure though if they will still be in the military:

Marines: furloughs
in Feb (completed) , more to come in March

Army: 78% of combat
Brigades will
not do any training
(go dormant) due to sequester.

-Marines and Army units in
Afghanistan will be extended past their predetermined return date in lieu of
any replacements coming to relieve them

-Navy: The Secretary of
Defense has delayed the deployment of the USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75) and the
USS Gettysburg (CG-64) and more to come.


AirForce: We won’t
progress, simply go into idle as other countries grow.

Military civilian workers: the furlough of 180,000 civilians
would mean more than 31.5 million man-hours of productivity and specialized
expertise lost this year


After the sequestion takes place below are some facts about
your military: (source Panetta) The US military will be…..

ground force since before World War II

-The smallest Navy since before
World War I

-The smallest tactical fighter
force in the history of the Air Force

-The smallest civilian workforce in the history of the Defense

Undermine our ability to meet our national security objectives

-Generate significant operational
risks and delay response time to crises, conflicts, and disasters

-Severely limit our ability to be
forward deployed

-Severely reduce force training and threaten overall
operational readiness

America will see the smallest military reduction in
its history. The last time that the US made such significant reductions was in
2000 only to react to a knne jerk requirement for servicemmebers and equipment
as 9-11 occurred in 2001.


Whats this mean
for the servicemembers families?

According to the
law, on January 2, 2013, the President must issue an order cutting government
spending by the sequestered amount. This would mean almost $55 billion from the
Department of Defense (DoD) alone.

What we know could
happen under sequestration:

  • DoD funds that are not committed
    to contracts by January 2, 2012 would be subject to sequestration.
  • Funding for war operations in
    Afghanistan would also be subject to cuts.
  • The President may exclude
    military personnel accounts, which includes about one-third of the defence
    budget, from sequestration. This would mean for the first time in 12 years
    the military pay would be reduced from an already conservative salary to
  • Up to 300,000 servicemebers out
    of the military by the end of 2013. (can you imagine what 300,000 military
    personal looking for a job is going to do to the unemployment market?)

can you do?

  • Contact
    your Member of Congress and alert them about the possible catastrophic
    consequences of sequestration on military families. Ask them what they are
    doing to avert sequestration. Let them know sequestration could result in a
    greater downsizing of our forces. Many service members could be forced to
    transition out of the service at a time when our economy is experiencing
    unemployment levels near the highest in recent memory. Is this how we thank
    those families who have put their lives on hold for the past 10 years? Programs
    supporting military families and survivors could be drastically cut, adding to
    the burden of those who remain in service and who have spent decades
    sacrificing their personal interests in service to their country.
  • Contact your Member of

Time for a C-Gar

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  1. The foreign born fraud America hating prez obammbo has
    been doing a fabulous job dismantling America and
    alienating our allies.
    His owners are proud of him in Bagdad and many other
    capitals of mooslum nations.
    The idiots that voted for the jerk, TWICE, stuck a
    knife DEEP into America’s, and our military’s back!!!

  2. As a action against our armed forces this Stinks. But something needs to done about the reckless spending going on in our country. If we don’t get that under control the US could look like Germanyin the 20’s.
    It was supposedly cut “equal” amounts from defence and domestic spending. To force both sides to figure something out. Now it just looks like both sides are going to let it happen and blame each other for it. How sad!

  3. They should give noncombat personal who have been involved in infastructure overthere job redoing our infastructure here while keeping them in the service if they want to stay in. We have immediate danger here due to this not being done. We could get more done in a faster time. We have illegal and legal aliens doing some of these jobs
    that military people could do in an organized manner with better quality. Keep our infantry, calivary and their support people at work, fighting for us and/or training. A docked Navy is not good either.

  4. We may be kicking butt in AF from a tactical view -but let’s not pretend it is making any meaningful or lasting difference. I feel the exact same way I did during our last days in VN decades ago. Get the frack out before we lose any more troops.

  5. The defense has been hit with half of the federal cuts when its the 5th spending allocation. Doeas this make sense? I disagree Mark, this much cut does not generate enough savings towards the budget. I say again, its the 5th in money allocation. Educate yourselves people. Our media is joke and not everything on the internet is always true (i.e snopes) what you dont they lie on snopes? Again, educate yourself people!!

  6. Loyalty is huge. I have met some loyal dogs in my time. Through wind & rain they are there. Someone once said “A friend will come bail you out of jail but, your best friend will be sitting next to you saying

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