I posted here an introduction of what an assault weapon is.
You hear it on the news, congressman/women and government officials use the
term like it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread. But, guess what, I bet 99%
of them have no clue what an assault weapon actually is. I can just see it now
where some pimple faced spineless intern is handing their representative a cup
of coffee that they bought for them to kiss their ass and is spewing their
definition of an “assault weapon” to their boss to look “smart”.


“yes, congressmen, an assault weapon is the gun used in my
video game Medal of Honor, they are those m16s that everyone has nowadays. Why
do they call that game Medal of Honor any way, the game has nothing to do
with metal.”

(watch the below video – it will get you thinking)

Frankly, I want to vomit.  I throw up in my mouth every time I hear some
overpaid individual (noun – A single human being as distinct from a group,
class, or family)raise their voice and tell the sheep of America how these particular
items should be (use big scary voice) BANNED!! 

Que the No Shit
News (NSN) music intro because here come some no shit news that once you read
you will be smarter than 90% of the individuals talking about the subject. ”Assault
Weapons” were banned in 1984 (full auto). An assault weapon, isn’t one with a
pistol grip, collapsing stock,olive drab hand grips. It’s a full auto weapon.
BAM! There it is. Furthermore, have you hear ANY of those proposing to ban such
weapon define it? I bet not. There now your smarter that all of the people
talking about the ban.


(yard signs I will be selling)



Check out the video below. This warrior breaks it down Barney
style. Get a cup of coffee, watch it, send it to your friends so they can
become smart as well. It’s not about hunting, it’s not about banning full auto
weapons (BTW none of the killers in mass murders in the past 8 months used an “assault
weapon”) it’s not about making it fair for Bambi to out run hunters, ITS ABOUT

People (sheep) are so caught up in thinking “we have to DO something
to stop these murders”. How about fix the actual problem and get help for those
that need it.  Taking away your rights
will not stop a killer. Is that getting through to you? Again, if I take away
your right to own a gun, it will not stop, the nut job down the block from
trying to committing a murder. He will find a way. It may be with a brick. It may be with a shovel. Maybe we should outlaw bricks too ….. One thing it heavily increases the chances of
though, you being killed by that murder because you surrendered your guns.

Time for a C-Gar!


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