My pick from the Super Bowl commercials. Don’t forget, those
forward. You warriors will walk through fire for you if they know you have their
backs. There was funny commercials, there was creative, however, there was one
that touched all of those sitting at home watching the game comfortably with
their family, there was this. ….




would regret not mentioning this one as well (yes the Bud commercial
pulled everyone's heart strings) but, this one should pull your American
strings……Time for a C-Gar




  1. Both Great!!! Missed seeing the Super Bowl or these adds… I was on the road with several fellow Patriot Guard Riders to meet some Marines & Sailors returning from Afghanistan so we could give them a SUPER escort to their waiting families at Camp Pendleton… Nothing better than a hand shake or a hug and a very big THANK YOU!!! SEMPER FI!

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