This blog, as I’ve said is as much yours as it is mine. The
foundation of this blog is to get word about your warriors!

OMV is ad free. I don’t have ads on my blog because I think
it clogs it up and event tough I get a shit ton of emails about knucklehead
companies wanting to share their “advertising opportunity” with me, I tell them
to pound sand. I can live without the extra cash.

I have cleaned up the website a bit and have gone through
some of the basic ways you can navigate through the site better, get
information quicker, and find specific posts on the blog.

Below is a run down how you can get the OMV posts directly
into your email box, or simply get the OMV Facebook, Twitter feeds sent to you
so while your checking your own Facebook page, you see the same posts on the
blog (look, I just saved you a few nano seconds of web surfing)

Get a cup of coffee and skim through the below for the
upgrades on OMV. If you see something that doesn’t make sense, or you can
improve on with a better idea, email me and I will look it over.

Thanks for checking out One Marine’s View. Your warriors
mean a lot to me and thus, I hope they mean more to you after visiting the

Time for a C-Gar!





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