Dr Susan Gratia-Hupp, survivor of the 1991 Kileen, TX Luby's shooting massacre, testifies against the 1991 assault weapons ban.(Great video and she nails home the meaning of  2nd amendment in the last 10 seconds of the video)

As you may be aware, the Gov
wants to restrict, deny or some may even say constrain the type of weapon you
as an American can have.


severly RESTRICT the scope, extent OF ACTIVITY

to compel or FORCE one toward a particular course of action


As the second
is written: In the latter half of the 20th century there was
considerable debate over whether the Second Amendment protected an individual
right or a collective right. The debate centered on whether the prefatory
clause (“A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free
State”) declared the amendment’s only purpose or merely announced a purpose to
introduce the operative clause (the right of the
People to keep and bear arms
not be infringed”

The discussion about weapon control is
not only about the Government restricting what type of weapon you have or can have,
it’s about control over your rights. To restrict, deny or constrain, infringes on your rights, period.
 If the Government can take away your second amendment rights, none of
your rights are safe.

Read this
and this
if your initial thought is we need to take weapons away from
Americans. Its not about hunting, and any determined killer will get a gun and
the only ones with guns will be bad people (ask Australia) if the Gov restricts guns.

What the press doesn’t focus on are
all of the crimes "prevented" that’s right, stopped because the victim
had a gun that equalized the fight and they stopped the attacker. See some
in this post
. Why aren’t these examples brought to America's discussion
about gun control? These people would be dead if they didn’t have a gun to
protect themselves.
If you think restricting any
type of guns will stop bad people from doing evil things, you live in a closet.
If that idealology works, why didn’t we simply just take all of the Taliban
guns away from them? That would have stopped them right? Sadley enough, those that become vitims of an armed assault who support gun control, will be the first to complain that the Gov didnt protect them.

"You can beg for mercy from a violent criminal, hide under your bed, or fight back."

Many may ask why I discuss “Gun
" on OMV? Because I have spent double digit year
s protecting my constitution
and I have sworn to continue to protect it.
I will continue to protect it. So help me God.

this post,
many servicemembers are getting out or being sent away. A surge
that started in full back in Dec of 2012 in mass due to many servicemembers not
agreeing with the direction its leaders are taking them. What then will your
military look like? What will America look like?

Time for a C-Gar

Hupp and her parents were having lunch at the Luby's Cafeteria in Killeen in 1991 when the Luby's massacre commenced. The gunman shot 50 people and killed 23, including Hupp's parents. Hupp later expressed regret about deciding to remove her gun from her purse and lock it in her car lest she risk possibly running afoul of the state's concealed weapons laws; during the shootings, she reached for her weapon but then remembered that it was "a hundred feet away in my car." Her father, Al Gratia, tried to rush the gunman and was shot in the chest. As the gunman reloaded, Hupp escaped through a broken window and believed that her mother, Ursula Gratia, was behind her. Actually however, her mother went to her mortally-wounded husband's aid and was then shot in the head.
As a survivor of the Luby's massacre, Hupp testified across the country in support of concealed-handgun laws. She said that if there had been a second chance to prevent the slaughter, she would have violated the Texas law and carried the handgun inside her purse into the restaurant. She testified across the country in support of concealed handgun laws, and was elected to the Texas House of Representatives in 1996. The law was signed by then-Governor George W. Bush.

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  1. Saw her on the news over the week-end, she still believes in
    concealed handgun laws. She said their was a bunch of cops nexdoor
    to Lubys at some kind of training, when the shoots started they had
    to run to their cars, unlock their cars to get their guns. So gun
    free zones work for the law bidden, but not for the criminals.

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