“If data gathered … showed that gender ‘diversity’ would strengthen
infantry battalions, surely we would have heard that news by now,” she

An organization that promotes high standards and sound priorities in
the military is blasting “lame-duck” Defense Secretary Leon Panetta for
opening combat positions to women.

Elaine Donnelly of the Center for Military Readiness said the move compromises the aim of having the most trained, most skilled and best-performing military.

“Career pressures to make this ‘work’ will vitiate core values,
because the military’s honorable tradition of recognizing individual
merit will have to yield to pressures for ‘diversity metrics,’” she

Donnelly warned that Marine and Army field commanders “who desire
promotion will be compelled to pursue gender-based quotas by ordering
women into direct ground combat (infantry) battalions.”

Perhaps this is why these leaders were dismissed

The Pentagon, under Barack Obama’s direction, this week said virtually every ground-combat job now will be opened to women.

The decision came even though the military itself concedes men have
physical advantages over women that are relevant to carrying out basic
tasks. The average women, the military acknowledges, for example, has
lower upper-body strength than the average man, and women are 
hospitalized at a rate 30 percent higher than men.

Even the left-leaning Time acknowledged accommodations for women are forthcoming.

“Integrating women into the combat arms – primarily infantry, armor
and artillery – is going to be a balancing act,” the magazine said.
“Standards must be met, but there will be pressure to ensure enough
women qualify so there’s not only one or two in a 150-troop company.

“Before long, commanders will have to implement various types of
double standards involving women, known as DSIW. And to avoid soaring
injury rates in tough training, challenges for men will be dropped and
forgotten, weakening the finest fighting force in the world.”

Donnelly charged that the “lame-duck” Panetta “recklessly announced
unilateral nullification of direct ground combat exemptions that are
important to the majority of military women who serve in the enlisted

She noted Panetta decided to exclude Congress and the American people
from the decision “and imposed a radical ‘diversity’ agenda on our
military without disclosing the data and results of extensive research
on the subject of women in land combat that the Marine Corps conducted
last year.”

Congress now should insist on seeing the results of the Marine
research, Donnelly urged, and “conduct immediate oversight hearings
before the harmful policies imposed by the outgoing secretary of defense
become de facto law.”

“We are hearing assurances that training standards will remain the
same, but no matter what is promised now, incremental pressures to
assign women to Marine and Army infantry and Special Operations Forces
battalions will drive qualification standards down. The same advocates
who demand ‘career opportunities’ in combat are the first to demand
unequal, gender-normed standards to make it ‘fair,’” Donnelly said.

She said Congress has the constitutional responsibility to make policy for the U.S. military.

“If data gathered … showed that gender ‘diversity’ would strengthen
infantry battalions, surely we would have heard that news by now,” she

“Despite current denials, training standards will have to be lowered
to achieve the desired ‘critical mass.’ And as we have seen many times
before, officials will deny gender-normed standards or disguise them
with sophistries pretending that ‘equal effort’ is the same as ‘equal
results,’” she said.

“Gender-norming will not work in infantry battalions, but it will
increase resentment and harm team cohesion and morale. These negative
dynamics surely will increase problems of sexual misconduct, across both
sides of the spectrum ranging from sexual abuse to inappropriate
relationships. ”

The Miami Herald
recently posted a list of nations in which women serve in combat,
including Israel, where the five major infantry brigades still are

Other nations where women are in the combat ranks include Canada, France, New Zealand and several Nordic countries.

Earlier this wee, Donnelly’s organization released a new report on a U.S. Marines plan to put women in “tip of the spear” combat positions.

It argued females are not “equal” when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. The report warns America’s social experiment with the members of its military may become costly.

“Mandatory ‘diversity’ taken to extremes is all about elitist
attitudes, ideological groupthink, and Amazon Warrior myths that
disregard inconvenient facts,” the report says. “Ancient Greeks and
Romans believed in mythical Amazon women, but today’s theorists seem to
believe in popular culture depicting super-female warriors on television
and in feature films.”

The report warns that as “1984″ author George Orwell “recognized
decades ago, false beliefs are likely to ‘bump up against solid reality,
usually on a battlefield.’”

Donnelly pointed out in a Washington Times commentary about her group’s new report
that female officers were invited last September to participate in the
grueling 13-week Marine Infantry Officer Course at Quantico, Va.

“Of the two women who volunteered, one left on the first day, and the
second dropped out (along with 27 of 109 men) several days later,” she

“Professional football entertains fans with non-lethal combat on the
gridiron, but the National Football League does not ‘diversify’ its
teams with female players,” she argues. “Military teams that engage in
lethal combat, however, are supposed to deploy significant numbers of
women, willing or not, to achieve gender-based ‘diversity metrics’ on
the battlefield.”

The report cites 30 years of studies in the U.S. and allied countries
showing that “in a direct ground combat environment, women do not have
an equal opportunity to survive or to help fellow soldiers survive,”
Donnelly says.

“There is no question that female Marines, soldiers, airmen and
sailors have served our country with courage and dedication in the wars
since the 9/11 attacks on American and before. Some are still deployed,”
says the report.

“The current debate is not about women serving ‘in harm’s way’ in war
zones. It is whether women should be assigned to direct ground combat –
‘tip of the spear’ battalions that attack the enemy with deliberate
offensive action under fire.”

“Lives and the success of land combat missions depend on individual
movements in battle zones, marches under heavy loads, the digging of
fighting positions, lifting and mountain machine guns, lugging cans of
ammunition rounds, and throwing grenades,” the report says.

“The only way to achieve ‘equality’ for women in tough training is to
use gender-normed (adjusted) scoring systems that measure ‘equal
effort,’ not equal results.”



  1. If you lower the standards for womem you also lower the standards for men.
    So would that mean the 27 men who droped out of the 13-week Marine
    Infantry Officer Course at Quantico, would now pass the course and so
    would the women? This is a case of political correctness, thats going to
    get people killed.

  2. Loyalty is huge. I have met some loyal dogs in my time. Through wind & rain they are there. Someone once said “A friend will come bail you out of jail but, your best friend will be sitting next to you saying

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