Do Americans really understand what their servicemembers
have given? Sure, those of you that visit OneMarinesview.com understand, but
the youth of America, do they understand the vast amount of dedication many
warriors have given until they had to give all?


I always said “if I could only take even one class of high school
graduating seniors to Afghanistan for a couple of months, perhaps they would be
a bit more grateful for what they are offered here in America, like fresh
drinking water. “ Like that, I would be more than happy to take the same group
to this museum and just them fathom what dedication looks like.


When visitors first enter the museum, they will hear
a sound like wind chimes coming from above them and their attention will be
drawn upward 24 feet to the ceiling of the two-story high atrium.
Dog tags of the more than 58,000 service men and
women who died in the Vietnam War hang from the ceiling of the National Vietnam
Veterans Art Museum in Chicago on Veterans Day, November 11, 2010. The
10-by-40-foot sculpture, entitled Above & Beyond, was designed by Ned
Broderick and Richard Steinbock. The tens of thousands of metal dog tags are
suspended 24 feet in the air, 1 inch apart, from fine lines that allow them to
move and chime with shifting air currents. Museum employees using a kiosk and
laser pointer help visitors locate the exact dog tag with the imprinted name of
their lost loved ones.


Time for a C-Gar


  1. It is a wonderful tribute to our service men this should be made into a movie and sent to every school in America.
    As a must watch at assembly ,if they still have such a thing Naunitaylor@aol.com GOD BLESS OUR SERVICE MEN!!!

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