1. My “smart” phone won’t play the vid. That’s ok never a day passes that I am not motivated by Marines & their Families.
    “Never have so few done so much with so little for so many for such a long time it is said they can do anything without nothing forever!” I believe it.
    Godspeed to to you all this New Years day!

  2. Easter is a special time that has more meaning than lil bunnies & colored eggs. There are several warriors that will be worshipping the true meaning in a land that doesn’t even recognize our religions.

  3. ” In the Scan dialog box, choose your configuration settings. A hundred specials were sworn in, and paraded on Sunday, but the only action they had to take was to endeavour to ward off sundry rotten eggs and other offensive missiles that the crowd amused themselves by pelting at them. Always buy from the company that has vast experience in the industry and an established clientele.

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