Thank You! Because of readers like “YOU” reading this blog One Marine’s View has not only blown our daily readers attendance of 1K a day out of the water but currently is just under 9k for today (Christmas Eve 2012). I must say I was taken back a bit when I saw that there was almost 9k visitors today alone.
This surge has put One Marine’s View over 1 million readers as of today. A blog that simply started as tracking my excursions through Afghanistan, then Iraq, then Afghanistan a bunch more times has become a blog that tries to bring a bit attention on those that serve. Specifically, that young Marine, Soldier, Airman, Sailor and Coastguard service member out there doing what many have chosen not to do and doing it honorably.

One Marine’s View doesn’t do advertising. Sure, I could make some coin on placing ads on the blog ( I get a lot of requests daily to put ads on the blog) but my take is that it’s not about making money, it’s about getting the attention to those young warriors.

I spose its fitting that One Marine’s View hits 1 million on Christmas Eve because the blog is about giving back to our nations gunfighters.
Enjoy those you are with this holiday, enjoy the feeling of Christmas and please remember those that are away from their families doing an honorable thing and know somewhere, their family is missing them.

Semper Fidelis & God Bless America

Time for a CGar!!!!


  1. And you did it with hard work, telling your stories with your heart and
    sometimes with anger and sometimes with sadness. I got to admit I started
    following you because “they say if you write a blog follow other blogs
    you like and comment on the blogs to get your own blog noticed” And many of
    your followers did take a look at my blog, and for that I say thanks Major
    your blog also helped out mine, but it would not have if yours wasn’t so good.
    Semper Fidelis / Merry Christmas

  2. Congratulations, Major. I am SO proud of you, and appreciate how much thought and time you put into your blog. It’s been an amazing journey from those early days in Afghanistan, and I’ve enjoyed every moment riding the trail with you.

  3. Thanks a million for your blog, Major. It has helped to give me alot of insight into military life. Thanks to all who are serving, have served and their families-past, present and future.I’m glad you got this well-deserved Christmas present.

  4. Major, since following this blog since its inception, my friends and I are very proud that our comments have been included in this amazing count.You have done alot to develop us as human beings who have intense interest in the Marines and all military. Thank you.

  5. You are the man
    Congratulations on your accomplishments ,and thank you from the bottom of many hearts for all you do.

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