(looks like some Marines are taking their kids schools in their own hands – hmmm sounds like the One Marine's post before this one)

Then there was the below stories about an individual who wasnt a Marine, portraying to be one after he saw SSgt Prichards post on Facebook by standing out front a school. 

The below stories are about someone different than in the video

Marine vet of Iraq war guards Calif. school

The Associated Press

A Marine veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan took
up self-imposed duty in front of a central California elementary school
in the wake of the Connecticut shooting.

Hughson Elementary
School Principal Laura Fong said Sgt. Craig Pusley stood all day
Wednesday in fatigues in front of the flag pole at the school just
southeast of Modesto. He was not armed.

Pusley, who served two
tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan before leaving active duty last
year, told Fong that "he wanted to make the kids feel safe in light of
what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary," the principal said.

veteran Marine arrived at the K-3 school a little before 7:30 am, Fong
said, and asked permission to stand guard. He stood in front of the flag
pole until 2:30 p.m., she said, without taking any breaks.

Pusley is a father of a three-year-old and his wife is expecting another
child. He told the Modesto Bee ( that he decided
to take action after reading a Facebook post urging soldiers to be
posted at every school in the wake of last week's tragic shooting in

"When I enlisted, I swore to defend this country from
all enemies, foreign and domestic," Sgt. Pusley said. "I just want to
be sure all these kids go home safe for Christmas."

Fong said Pusley is returning Thursday, the school's last day before the holiday break.

really is kind of heartwarming to know someone would do something like
that," Fong said. "It makes me and my staff feel safer. After a
shooting, there's always a heightened awareness that this could happen


Could a Real Marine or Law Enforcement be posted at the School to protect the Students and Faculty from this Disturbed Offender.  He does constitute a threat and charges must be brought.

Accused Marine faker ‘deeply sorry’


Accused Marine faker ‘deeply sorry’

By Dan Lamothe – Staff writer
Posted : Thursday Dec 20, 2012 16:36:38 EST

Marine veteran who made national news for standing guard outside a
California school in uniform was accused Thursday of faking his military
service, but denied he did so.

Craig Pusley appeared outside
Hughson Elementary School in Modesto, Calif., on Wednesday in a desert
camouflage uniform to help children feel safe following the massacre of
20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown,
Conn., he said. He added that he was inspired in part by another Marine
veteran, Staff Sgt. Jordan Pritchard, who made headlines for similar
actions at Gower Elementary School in Nashville, Tenn.

coverage of Pusley’s actions reported that he is 28 years old and got
out of the Corps as a sergeant after deploying twice to Iraq and once to
Afghanistan. In reality, Pusley graduated from boot camp at Marine
Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, but was in the service less than a year
and never made it past private first class, Marine officials said. He
never deployed or made it through military occupational specialty
school, leaving the Corps designated a “basic Marine,” MOS 8000.

told Marine Corps Times in a phone interview he never lied about his
military service, blaming the first reporter who interviewed him, Nan
Austin of The Modesto Bee, for getting the story wrong.

“There’s a
lot of fabrication to this story that didn’t come out of my mouth,”
Pusley said. “All I know is that I talked to a Modesto Bee lady, and
everything went crazy.”

Photographs show him wearing the rank
insignia of a sergeant, however. Asked about that, he said he didn’t
realize what was on the uniform and borrowed it from someone else. He
added his old name tapes to the borrowed blouse, he said.

“I feel
horrible about this,” he said. “My intention was for the kids. I don’t
understand why everyone has to find a negative in every situation.”

didn’t have an explanation why Austin would have reported that he went
to Iraq and Afghanistan, or why it was repeated in subsequent news
coverage. However, he said he is “deeply sorry” if standing in front of
the school in uniform if it offended anyone, and has written an email to
the White House apologizing. He wasn’t anticipating a blast of
negativity after appearing at the school, he said.

“I cannot
emphasize enough how sorry I am that all of this has happened,” he said.
“These were not my intentions. This was never supposed to happen.”

could not immediately be reached for comment, but The Modesto Bee’s
editor, Joe Kieta, said the newspaper stands by her work.

Thursday, Pusley appeared in front of the school in Modesto again, this
time out of uniform, after it was reported that Marine officials told
Pritchard he was not authorized to wear the uniform in front of the
school. Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Mike Barrett, the top
enlisted Marine, released a statement that he understands Marines’
desires to protect children, but Marines should not be wearing the
uniform outside of rules and regulations.

“This is not the right
thing. Not the right time. And not the right place,” Barrett said. “The
uniform doesn’t make the man. It’s your character that defines you.”

said he is 25 years old and dreamt of being a Marine as a child. He
cracked his femur during boot camp, but made it to graduation, he said.
Afterward, he was assigned to the Basic Marine Platoon at the recruit
depot, where injured personnel can be assigned to provide time to heal.

was separated from the service after it was found he took unauthorized
absence to attend a court hearing involving his ex-wife, he said. It’s
the Corps’ version of being absent without leave, and can lead to be
court-martialed. Pusley thought he had leave at the time, he said.

Marine officials said Pusley served from July 17, 2007, to April 8, 2008. His only listed duty station was MCRD San Diego.
about Pusley’s service mushroomed Thursday after the website Business
Insider posted a report disclosing his military service. Other news
outlets and blogs quickly followed.

“CONFIRMED: The ‘Marine Vet’ Standing Guard at a California School is a Phony,” the headline on Business Insider said.
said he believes he’d still be a Marine if he hadn’t run into trouble
with the court hearing, and still relies on the Corps’ core values of
honor, courage and commitment. He works now as a tattoo artist, he said


  1. So here I am on this. Pusley did graduate boot camp, which in my mind and I think
    yours, makes him a Marine. That said he should have known that misreperenting him
    self to a news media was a bad idea. His intent was good, but he did not have his
    brain housing group engaged. So I have a motto, and for what its worth, here it is.
    Don’t clam to be what your not. Just be who you are, that should be more then enough.
    Merry Christmas everone S/F

  2. I think that was awesome what u was doing to make it safe for the kids. People can be so nasty in this world keep your he’d up an keep doing the right thing. O an I can use a tatoo lol. An may god bless u an your family.

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