You know what’s coming.
Look, the past events I’ve heard that are happening in the States are terrible, tragic and should never happen. However gang, just because a person cant get a gun doesn’t mean there wont be mass murderers. There will be murders with or without guns. This is like saying we blame cars because of drunk drivers killing people.

Did you know, on the SAME tragic, senseless day in Connecticut--in Beijing, China, 22 school children were stabbed by a "mentally deranged" man, armed with a knife. An officer said the attack, in the village of Chengping in Henan province, happened shortly before 8am on Friday, as students were arriving for classes.In March 2010, eight children were murdered in Nanping, Fujian province, by 41-year-old knifeman Zheng Minsheng. The attacker was executed a month later.Also in March 2010, 33-year-old Chen Kangbing injured 16 students and a teacher at Hongfu Primary School in Leizhou, Guangdong.In April 29 2010, 28 school children – mostly four-year-olds – were stabbed alongside two teachers and a security guard in Taixing, Jiangsu.On April 30, Wang Yonglai committed suicide after using a hammer to attack preschool children in Weifang, Shandong.Further attacks in the months and years following have left 11 children and four adults dead, and several more injured.

This is a debate that is already happening in America and will continue in these times. I’m a big fan of my rights, those rights granted under our constitution. If the constitution is restrained and altered in drastic ways, nothing in it is sacred to include your freedom of speech or anything else. Change the second amendment? Why not then change all of them, restrict them more? If one is allowed to be changed, all are up for game. I believe in the constitution, how it was originally written, so much I’ve dedicated well over double digit years sworn to defend it.

The events that have happened recently are tragic, however, if America was to “restrict” or alter your second amendment, right to bear arms like Australia where 99% of all guns were collected (bought back at a tune of $600 million cost to tax payers) in 1996/97, would the same attacker used a knife or hammer at the elementary school? I would say he would have use a golf club if he was determined. Evil plus determination when combined will complete or attempt to complete its mission of killing using a rock if need be. I have seen it first hand in Iraq and in Afghanistan.


After Australia’s “weapon “buy out” from the government, many were restricted in owning firearms. Do some still? Yes, they either have a specialized permit (they live on a farm) or must have a “justified reason to have a fire arm i.e. a farmer and uses the weapon to put animals down. Who has the guns for the most part in Australia? The criminals.
In Australia, like many other places “elections have consequences” (wow) you can purchase a gun with permission from the authorities. Since the Australian authorities (think government) does not recognize self-defense as a legitimate reason for owning a gun, you cannot buy a gun for that purpose AND you cannot use it for that purpose either. Translation – a criminal can use a gun because they don't care about the law, but a law abiding citizens must allow themselves to be victimized by criminals. (example: if your wife is getting raped at gun point in your house and you shoot & kill the sob that is doing it, you are going to jail)

There are many facts thrown out that crime in Australia was never “reduced” after the 96/97 "buyback" but actually climbed (from the Australian Bureau of Statistics) after the Gov weapon“buy back”. You can read more about gun laws in Australia here.

In America, one example of crime vs the purchase of guns can be viewed here. Furthermore stats prove, gun control does not work, it simply disarms its citizens.

Do guns owned by citizens prevent crimes?(yes, but you morethan likely didnt hear about them in our crybaby media)

October 1st

Miramar, Florida – Father Called a Hero
After Stopping Masked Intruder

Wichita, Kansas – A Gun to the Head
Stops Robbers

Battle Creek, Michigan – Senior Citizen Stops Invasion With Shotgun

James Island, South Carolina – Security Guard Shoots at Armed Robbers

Deerfield Commons, Michigan – 73 Year Old Store Clerk Stops Robbers… Again


October 2nd

Lakeland, Florida – Concert Promoter
Defends Himself… Again

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma – Home Invasion Turns Into Home Evasion

Roanoke, Virginia – Home Invasion Leaves
One Criminal Dead

Harris County, Texas – Salvage Yard Owner Shoots Robber

Scottsdale, Arizona – Burglars Try to Run Over Homeowner… Homeowner Opens Fire


October 3rd

Bridgeport, Connecticut – Woman Shoots at Intruder

Elkhart, Indiana – Homeowner Shoots Two
Home Invaders – One Dead

Atlanta, Georgia – Woman Commits Home
Invasion… Gets Shot By Woman Resident

Harlingen, Texas – Caliber doesn't


October 4th

Salinas, California – Good Samaritan ends robbery. 1 criminal dead, 1 criminal seriously


October 5th

Houston, Texas – Who robs cars at a
gun range?

New Bern, North Carolina – Pharmacist stops robbery with handgun

Lakeland Village, California – 72 year old shoots and kills intruder

Hill County, Texas – Two thieves held at shotgun point by neighbor


October 6th

Indianapolis, Indiana – Army veteran gives his life to save family in home invasion

Portsmouth Township, Michigan – Man shoots pit bulls in self defense

Indianapolis, Indiana – Liquor store clerk shoots, kills man attacking store manager after
refusing to pay

St. Louis, Missouri – Shootout at the AZ Food Mart


October 8th

Dubuque, Iowa – Home invaders enter
with crowbar, leave with bullet holes


October 10th

Houston, Texas – Homeowner shoots two

Trenton, New Jersey – Armed robber gets more than he wanted at women's clothing boutique


October 11th

Fayette County, West Virginia – 70 year old woman confronts burglar, gets punched, and
opens fire


October 12th:

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Storeowner shoots would be robber


October 13th:

Fort Worth, Texas – Squatter found in
home is shot with warning shot

Denver, Colorado – Homeowner shoots naked intruder


October 14th:

Santa Fe, New Mexico – Senior citizen shoots knife-weilding attacker

Millington, Maryland – Homeowner opens fire on home invaders


October 15th:

Chicopee, Massachusetts – Jewelry store owner shoots armed robber

Greenville County, South Carolina – Homeowner shoots at burglars

Albertsville, Alabama – Worst. Monday. Ever.

Kenosha, Wisconsin – Vietnam veteran holds robber at gunpoint

Mesa, Arizona – Father kills man
attacking his son

Tempe, Arizona – Stop!Strip naked! Give
me my property back!


October 16th:

Miami, Florida – Pawn shop shooting

Traver, California – Convenience store owner exchanges shots with armed robbers

Fayette County, West Virginia – Granny got a gun… Granny got a gun


October 17th:

Citrus Heights, California – Man shoots robber. Robber was former roommate

Columbus, Ohio – Intruder shot, killed
by resident

Columbus, Ohio – Intruder shot, falls
from second story window

Oak Cliff, Texas – I hate she didn't get both of them

Spokane Valley, Washington – Resident shoots and wounds homeowner following attack

Calera, Oklahoma – 12 year old girl does it right, intruder shot


October 18th:

Apollo Beach, Florida – Man walking dog attacked by knife weilding neighbor

Las Vegas, Nevada – Early bird gets the bullet

New Orleans, Louisiana – Taxi driver shoots robber in the face

Anniston, Alabama – 62 year old shoots, kills intruder

Morgan County, Missouri – Car theif held at gunpoint


October 19th:

Elyria, Ohio – Burglar killed during
second robbery of same house

Ferndale, Michigan – Man calls in sick to work, shoots at robber

Albuquerque, New Mexico – Smoke shop clerk wounds one, kills one during armed


October 20th:

Arlington, Texas – Pharmacist is assaulted, shoots at robber

Hernando County, Florida – Who says they only shoot naked people in Alabama?


October 21st:

York, Pennsylvania – Taxi driver shoots at robber

Kansas City, Missouri – Warehouse owner shoots burglars

Lake City, Florida – 64 year old shoots sex-offender during home invasion

Grand Rapids, Michigan – Attacked in a parking lot, man shoots, kills attacker


October 22nd:

Pontiac, Michigan – Man loses life defending family in home invasion shootout

Dallas, Texas – Salvage yard owner
shoots robber

Gaffney, South Carolina – Clerk shoots rifle wielding robber. Robber had been
released from jail three hours earlier

St. Helena Island, South Carolina – Woman shoots at armed robbers, 1 wounded, 1 escaped

Kalispell, Montana – Man shot, killed by wife's lover after illegally entering his home


October 23rd

Chanceford Township, Pennsylvania – Home invasion – owner shoots one of fourintruders


October 24th

Memphis, Tennessee – Home owner is wounded, shoots back, kills home invasion suspect

Jefferson County, Alabama – Car thieves held at gunpoint


October 25th

New Castle, Delaware – Burglar held at gunpoint, handcuffed by owner

Greenville County, South Carolina – Employee shoots, kills armed robber


October 26th

Logan, Montana – Trespasser shot after
being kicked off of bus

Indianapolis, Indiana – Man shot, killed breaking into ex-girlfriends home

Harrison, Arkansas – Man finds criminal hiding under child's bed


October 27th

Dallas, Texas – 50 year old woman
comes home to criminals in the house – 1 dead, 1 wounded

Bessemer, Alabama – 63 year old woman shoots rifle wielding intruder

Orlando, Florida – Home invasion: 1 attacker shot, 2 jump out of second floor window to


October 28th

Shasta Lake, California – Homeowner defends pedestrian, passenger killed and driver
charged in killing


October 29th

Valrico, Florida – Man kicks in door, killed by brother in law

Beaumont, Texas – Man catches thief in
the act, opens fire


October 30th

Des Moines, Iowa – Homeowner fires at intruder

Troy, Missouri – Bank President
confronts bank robber in parking lot

Salt Lake City, Utah – Man defends wife and child during home invasion – 1 shot, 2 at large


October 31st

Boardman, Ohio – Man breaks through
sliding glass door, is shot by homeowner

Orlando, Florida – Condo owners shoots, kills resident who attacked him


November 6th (Georgia) In a story with similarities to the Kassandra
Perkins murder, R&B singer Kia Yvette Jeffries was being beaten by her
professional athlete husband – Cruiserweight boxing champion Ernest
"M16" Mateen. Unlike Perkins, Jeffries was armed and was able to
shoot and kill her attacker.


November 25th (Florida) 17-year-old Channing Thorpe sees his father
strangling his mother and saves her life.


November 1 (South Carolina) An 83-year-old woman using a
walker to get around draws her pistol to stop two intruders.


November 8 (New Mexico) A woman is followed home from the gas station and
confronted in her home by a knife wielding attacker trying to rape her. The
woman manages to get to her handgun in the bedroom and kills the would be


November 15 (South Carolina) Working behind the counter at a
local Shell station uses her handgun to fight back and stop three armed


November 16 (West Virginia) Shena Walker came home to a man
trying to break into her house. The man then tried to run her over with his


November 16 (Washington) A woman and her 6-year-old son are walking by a lake
when a man charges up to them and flashes them.


November 21 (Oklahoma) Home alone with her 3-year-old son, a woman sees a
strange truck and hears a man breaking through the front door.


November 24 (South Carolina) Startled from sleep, a woman
tries to stop a domestic dispute and is attacked by her brother.


November 26 (California) Working in her jewelry store a woman is confronted
by two armed men. After shooting back, police say she did the wrong thing.

FACTS about mass murders & guns (facts dont lie) found here.

Australia/America vs Israel (this is an Israeli teacher with a weapon) Have you heard of any Columbine High attacks or elementary school attacks in Israel? Cricket….cricket nope you sure haven’t. Now you know why.


You want kids to be safe? We put security guards in highschools and banks why not within other soft targets then?
The above is just one simple example of your rights, but mainly gang, if we allow (or give away) our rights, then any of them can be taken away, at will. Second amendment, first amendment, it doesn’t matter. Expect “restrictions” to be handed down after this latest tragedy. What will America look like tomorrow?


The second we are unarmed we are likewise no longer free. 


Time for a CGar!

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  1. You hit it right on, Major! Thanks! And Thanks for your service and may you and yours have a very, merry Christmas!
    Krewe Captain

  2. Major, you have it absolutely right. The only thing I would add is that firearms can be an equalizer in the hands of women facing male perpetrator(s).An aging older woman or mother trying to protect her children in an urban or rural situation has little chance without them especially since overworked, or few-and-far between peace officers may take quite awhile to get to the scene.

  3. Major, this is the most comprehensive list I have seen listing incidents where Private citizens used their firearms to defend themselves and others. This is the information the press public needs to see. Thanks for your research and hard work. But, most of all thank you for your service. (SSG Retired, US Army).

  4. Thank you for your service, Mikersk52.The public needs to see this as well as all legislators. Major, please send this out to everyone you can, the papers, too.

  5. Guns aren’t killing innocent victims; young mentally ill males are killing innocent victims. And after the fact, over and over again, we find out that – family members, school officials, neighbors – someone in every case knew the individuals were “troubled”. We won’t profile these readily identifiable threats anymore than we will terrorists because that’s politicially incorrect. Thus guns are identified as the problem.

  6. Gang, you guys “Get it” and feel free to send this whom ever. Its as much your post as it is mine! I LOVE it when people don’t want to post a comment on the blog in regard to posts like this and then send me some chicken shit email and enter bogus email address so when I reply (which they arnt expecting) I cant respond. Its ok, because I simply post their email in a comment section like the below for all to see their transparency. I’m all ears and will always listen to both sides of any debate, then make the best decision I can. Typical when some vomit their doctrine then refuse any sort of debate in response or explanation. I like to call that “freaking weak ass” however, I post below for your information and yes, that’s simply One Marine’s View….
    FROM Email: (bogus email as I tried to email them back but they didn’t apparently want me too sniff,,,,sniff)
    Comments: Hey, no offense about controlling guns, but no one is threatening to take away our right to have guns to hunt, protect ourselves, etc. I have a pistol that I think I have the right to keep. But I think the big issue is selling the fully automatic, super-duper uzi types, etc. to citizens. It’s not like it was in the 1700s when a musket was needed to protect your home and neighborhood in case the British invadeed. Remember that’s why it was put in the constitution. People don’t need these fully automatic, practially machine guns to hunt America’s wild animals, give me a break. They take unfair advantage of the poor beasts with super scopes, night vision glasses, etc. Where is the challenge of man again the wild??? If you want citizens to be able to challenge their government and army, then we need citizens need rockets, grenades, IEDS, mortars, and a whole arsenal. So citizens don’t need guns that are more powerful and lethal than the police who are trying to protect our communities. How about police officers facing those lethal bullets their vests can protect against, and facing down nuts who have fully automatic weapons. What are we asking of them? For what it’s worth, I think we have the right to possess reasonable firearms to hunt and protect ourselves. But I think the world has changed from the 1700s. We can’t forget that fact. Merry Christmas
    FROM MAJ PAIN:( – yes, that’s my email)
    Thanks for the email! Currently you cannot purchase full automatic weapons as it is. You can currently buy semi automatic weapons (shoots automatically without recocking the weapon yourself) so there needs to be the clarification that the current debate isn’t over full automatic but semi automatic weapons, That being said and agree if you cant hunt with a basic rifles and without a scope as I would then you’re really not much of a hunter if you need all of that “gear” to execute a simple function but last time I checked its still within your rights to purchase those items if you desire.
    The entire overarching debate really isn’t about semi or full automatic guns if you look at it from a high altitude approach. Sure, gun enthusiasts will debate that and apart of the debate is about restricting the guns you will be able to purchase in the future and i will be right next to them as I am a gun lover and yes, user….(hello, I am a Marine ya know) . Its also about your rights in the constitution as an American citizen. Granted things may have changed from the 1700s but if the Gov can change the constitution so easily like this, then the Gov can change any part of the constitution at any time with/without congress approval (much like what’s been happening in this administration) and changing it if you like it or not, because “they” deem it best for you. Not just the 2nd amendment & right to bear arms but the 1st amendment, that allows you to say things in America and not be prosecuted (free speech) and all of your other rights established by our forefathers within the Constitution. Last time I checked it was “We the People” and that means we the people elect officials and make the government, not the other way around.
    This is bigger than simply “restricting” semi automatic weapons, this about your future as an American
    Have a very Merry Christmas and be safe
    Maj Pain

  7. Excellent post, Major. I am afraid we have at least two generations of Americans that have no interest in the history of this country, it’s founding fathers or the documents.

  8. In case you didn’t know, GUNS are illegal in Mexico (just ask Marine Jon Hammar) who was arrested and imprisoned for four months because he registered a shot gun. What happened in Mexico when they took the guns away from those citizens?
    Here is one example:
    Cartels Dump Seventeen Mutilated Bodies Near U.S. Border
    Ya, great call, make guns illegal…….

  9. I do not write many responses, however i did some searching and wound up here One Marine’s View: What will America look like tomorrow?. And I do have a few questions for you if it’s allright. Could it be simply me or does it give the impression like a few of the responses come across like written by brain dead people? 😛 And, if you are posting at other places, I’d like to follow anything fresh you have to post. Would you make a list of all of all your communal sites like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

  10. Hello! Quick quetion that’s completely off topic. Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? My blog looks weird when viewing from my apple iphone. I’m trying to find a template or plugin that might be able to resole this issue. If you have any recommendations, please share. Thanks!

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