They took this video off of many blogs and Facebook pages.

U.S. soldier Beau Embrey plays the Star Spangled Banner on his electric guitar during prayer time in Afghanistan. (thats part of the reason Facebook made him remove it Gag, puke vomit….. I do love the Stars & Bars being posted in the background as he finished the anthem. Freaking awesome!

Last time I checked this was our countries National Anthem. If it offends you, like Ive said before, there are borders north and south, pick one and get on the other side of it  or better yet, move to china and let me know how things work out for you and what "offends" you.


Time for a CGar – God Bless America


  1. I loved it! I also noticed men saluting and standing at attention right below him as the camera view swung around and you could see them inside the compound

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