Thanks to everyone for checking out One Marine's View. From the start in Iraq, OMV has been built to be your blog as much as mine. Bottom line, to bring you information about your troops that normaly wouldnt get heard……Grunt style. If you are on Face book and like OMV,, look over to the right column of the page and scroll down to the Facebook "Like" button, click it then you will get the same posts here on your facebook page. Work smart, not hard. Nonetheless, keep kicking ass.


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Cool aye?


Time for a CGar!


  1. Can’t really remember how I found your blog, Major, but I’m glad that I did. Because there is no way that the media in this country is going to let us hear your, the Grunt on the front lines, side of the story. Have to keep the B.S. filter turned way up high when I watch the evening news. Thanks for doing what you and all of the other men and women that serve do, keep the enemies of this great country of our’s far away. It will be up to us here, to deal with the enemy within. Semper Fi.

  2. Well Major you got good stuff on this blog. Now if you were a Capt. well
    I’m not to sure I’d follow you so close. I was always geting chewed out
    by Captains, and Majors were cool. Then, maybe it was the Majors telling the Capt
    to chew me out? Oh well what is a L/Cpl to do. Good stuff Major.

  3. You have been a rock for a lot of us. I’ve been reading your posts since you were a Captain! Thanks for including us in your world. God bless you. And God bless our Marines!

  4. Thanks guys for checking out the blog and glad your here! I hear ya Bruc, got to watch those Captains 😉
    Thanks Donna – that street works both ways – Semper Fi Gang!

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