Arlington 11

Of course there have been many times when I heard the Gunny
say “Hey Sir, watch this”. In case you didn’t know, nothing, nothing comes of
any good affter you hear those words. Typically, Gy is talking about something totally
different than what happened at Arlington. Sure the young lady might have
bumped her head when she woke up and said “hey, watch this I’m going to give
the bird to the Arlington cemetery”…..uh yea, that’s what happened.

Let’s just say she was flipping off the “request” that the
sign is representing and not the actual cemetery (looking at giving her the
benefit of doubt). Or perhaps she didn’t think at all and neglected the
millions of warriors Arlington represents (including Presidents) either way; it’s
yet another reflection of what America has become.  She isn’t a hooligan teenager; a thug, no she
looks like she is middle class middle aged lady with a job, or at least had a
job as a “case worker”. Great, let’s disrespect those that gave all so you can live
free, never show gratitude, and badger those that have given you free speech….brilliant,
good call. Let me know how that works out for ya.


Time for a CGar


  1. At least her employer has done the right thing by suspending her. Let’s hope that it becomes permanent. And as far as the comment from the father that she is “Laying low for awhile”, I hope that at some point she will understand that the men and women buried at Arlington are “laying low” for eternity. And not only did they die for my freedom, but for her’s as well. Semper Fi.

  2. what the hell was she thinking a joke how gave her freedom the work that she has the food she eats the house lives in the man and women how gave there lives fighting for her freedom and the things that come with that freedom and she gose to the one place where soldger gave his life for our and her freed to the unnone soldger to this day we dont know how he is and she gose and gevs him the finge and thinks its a big joke. Well take her job away see what the freedom of work feels whan she dosent have it reposis her car or take it away for some time to feel the freedom to have a car to go where ever she wants that freedom give her the finger and tell her its a joke she should pay for what she has done and not bad giral bad giral bad giral but pay for our fallin men and women from the seilver war WW1 WW2 viatnam to this dsy our man and women are given there lives for her to have the things has we all have. and to have the Father come out and says sorry for his doughter his to blame also more so if his a vet. Giral this is what I have to say to you @!#%&*@!@#@!@$#$%^&*%%#@@@@!@$ HOO IF SHE GOSE TO SCHOOL SOSPENDER JUST FOR A JOKE.

  3. If she were my kid I would be ashamed to claim her.
    All the more reason to be thankful for adult children that understand and respect the price that is paid by our Warriors and their families.

  4. A perfect example of “Marines are at war, America is at the mall”. Disrespectful, unintelligent, and going through life as she is still in some sorority house and everything is a joke. Well sweet heart, its time to grow up, take responsibility for your actions, stop hiding (&living) with your parents, put your big girl panties on and be an adult. You say you’re sorry and regret it? You say it was one of those “dumb moments”? Well, go to a Veterans hospital and volunteer or better yet fall on your sword and tell those Vets what you did. That seems like a just payback.
    However I don’t think you will do anything equivalent to that, you will follow the footsteps of other eaters and defecators here in America and continue to rant how you were a victim and continue to ask “what has the Gov done for me”. I’m glad those heroes you took for granted at Arlington didn’t have that attitude.

  5. I posted this on my facebook page and started a bitching contest between folks on this matter. Some og
    of my buddies who I served with and others who just respect those serving today and my buddies from back in the 1960 war we raising hell with her about this and others thought it was no big deal and thought she should not have lost her job.
    Maybe she will get the hell scared out of her and think a lot different about those who served and those still serving today….

  6. Ya, I know if she pulled this with a few of those gunfights from back in the day at her pos, it would haved ended differently for her and had been corrected on the spot. Kinda like this link but I think a bit more harsh

  7. She isn’t the last of her kind. Some other bone heads will always find a way to outrage everyone. It just never ends with some people and their messed up way of thinking. In my mind I’ve pressed the dislike button by her name because that’s all I can do about it.

  8. Easter is a special time that has more meaning than lil bunnies & colored eggs. There are several warriors that will be worshipping the true meaning in a land that doesn’t even recognize our religions.

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