1. Thank you for this video… This is a local unit from Camp Pendleton and I had the honor to be present when each company left for their deployment to Afghanistan… Most times in the very early hours of the morning or a dark 04:30.. Upon their return our Patriot Guard Riders met their plane and escorted them home to their loved ones waiting on the parade deck at San Mateo…Sadly we also we there when several returned on their Angel Flight.. and
    participated in full military honors along with the Marine Corps for their final resting place… Also attended the final tribute to their fallen heroes held on the parade deck.. very beautiful and moving ceremony….Geronimo! Make peace or die!!! Again, thank you for this great video and as you know a very proud supporter of our Marines!!!!

  2. Pincher-
    Thanks for always being there when other are not, especially for our Marines. Who said that one person cant make a difference?
    Those that may not know “pincher” aka Peggy has consistently been there for Marines deploying and returning from deployment, giving her all. Relentlessly displaying her American and Marine flag she shows her patriotism throughout her every day. (for those having a hard day) Your feeling bad sunshine? You’ve had a hard day cupcake? Before I have to throttle you, you best look to warriors like Pincher and absorb some of her mojo, otherwise it might be a long day for ya.
    Great work Pincher, keep kicking ass!
    Semper Fidelis

  3. I learned from the very best..You!
    You were my first Marine contact on in early 2004.. I remember sending packages to the Attn: Any Bravo Marine.. However, learned quickly to love and honor our country, our God and our United States Marine Corps.. and most definitely how to keep kicking ass!
    Thank you for such kind words.. you’ve touched a spot deep in my heart.. Please check out my facebook….

  4. Blogs and people who post on them tend to emphasize differences, but we do have lots in common. For example, KB is right that we need to be concerned about excessive debt. We probably have differences about what level of debt would be “excessive,” and about how to lower, or at least, not add to that debt. He is also right about the need to address Medicare spending.

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