I’m a bit partial to the almighty 1/6 as that was the unit I
first commanded in and took them to Afghanistan. The following video is a good
one and will hopefully educate those that are unaware of all your Marines do.
Yes, there may be a couple "F" bombs dropped during the video but
they are used as nouns and verbs so its ok ……..(the speech overlaid during
the video is from a motto GySgt as the Marines were about to head into a crappy
place to do the impossible with almost nothing, they succeeded brilliantly)

Time for a CGAR!


  1. Hey Mike P I would say No, because it is a unit citation and no one out of the unit
    is allowed to wear it. only the 5th & 6th Marines and the 4th heavy machine guns,
    but the 4th does not exist anymore, so only the 5th and 6th can wear it.

  2. Bruce- You nailed it. I did wear it when I was was with 1/6 but once you leave you dont wear it anymore. Its a unique item and if a BN Cdr is savvy he does a formation of new joins to the unit and has Marines already within the unit fit the new Marines with the item. Its a nice touch and makes your new arrival Marines feel special at no cost to you as a cdr while at the same time leaving a positive element onyour young Marines. Basic leadership 101. Take care of your Marines, past & present.
    Semper Fi

  3. While I was in the 2nd Mar Div, 2nd and 8th marines, we’d always see the 6th Marines with them on. We’d always yell at them, “Blow your whistle for us!” We were just jealous, but would never admit it. Semper Fi.

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