I have had multiple deployments and I can tell you, after the grief, pain, loss and fatique, there is nothing, nothing like comming home. Its the simple things in life, dont neglect them people. You wont miss them until they are gone. The pic below is my first deployment return homecomming. Its a great feeling, especially after 5 of them……..

Time for a CGAR (for those that didnt come home)

Welcome home


  1. Dadgummint Major. I had to explain to my compadres here at work why I have a paper towel over my face.
    Thank you for the reminder.

  2. If Major Pain has sand in his eyes and Mike P has lint, then I must have the worst non seasonal
    allergies ever. 🙂 This was so great. I had to email this to my Dad.

  3. I remember this picture like it was yesterday! Can you still pick them both up like this? OOps sorry, sure you can, you’re a Marine!!

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