1. I tried to get in the military after high school in 1983 but was rejected because of color blindness.But my father served in the pacific theater during ww2.I was raised and my children have been raised with the utmost respect for all of you men and women serving in the military today.In fact I am able to write this in the safety of my home because of efforts of yours and those that served before you.I can not imagine what you go through on a daily basis and I was a police officer for over 7 years.You have the support of myself and the majority of americans.I and others are working hard to change your situation on Nov6.The media is not covering the work you guys do nor voicing your concerns but,there are the majority here that care about you and your families and we will be dispaying that on nov 6th.god bless all of you and you are in our thoughts daily.

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