In the United States we are so well off that we take
for granted how fortunate we are as Americans. Yes, this being the eleventh anniversary
of the Sept 11 attacks on our Nation what could one say to make anything better
or shed a new light on the day?

 I begin with those Coalition forces, in
particular Australia who recently lost warriors. The loss of
your recent heroes in Afghanistan is just as significant as the 2,998 Americans
that were killed on Sept 11th, eleven years ago today. Know that
those of us Americans that go forward to do the country’s work respect your
warriors just as if they were ours.


On Sept 11, eleven years ago, terrorists attacked America when the
two flights hit the twin towers, single flight into the pentagon and the
passengers that fought back on UA flt 93 crashed in a lone field.
That attack began a global event that changed more than one country


The result to date of coalition losses in Iraq and Afghanistan
(7,981) are not forgotten regardless where they are from. As an infantryman,
with time invested in Iraq and Afghanistan know from one American to all
Australians that I am proud to walk next to my fellow Australian warriors.


Your losses are our


For those of you not taking the fight to those that
initiated this attack, I say live for those that didn’t. Despite how well we
have it in America, how often we forget that we are still at war, live for all
of those killed in the WTC, Pentagon, open filed and those that sacrificed all
defending America against this enemy.

If you go through your life and simply “think” you
are entitled to go to the mall because it’s your right, well, you’re not doing
it right. Imagine if you had a mirror that followed you around every day of
your life and recorded your actions for those killed on Sept 11th or
in Iraq and Afghanistan to be able to view. Only they see what was in the
mirror. Would they say you were truly living or simply going through the
motions and letting someone else provide for you? Do you suppose they would
trade with you in a heartbeat to be alive today? I know their families would
want them back. So why not live for those that died?

Your Marines are training, fighting, training
fighting and living. They do this (some joining because of the attacks on 9/11)
because they want to live for those that died. They want to make a difference
for them. Sure, ok, so you’re not in the military, that doesn’t mean you can’t
live for those that died or for that matter their families. Too many people
today have forgotten we are still at war until a day like today comes along. I
hear ya already but it’s true, many Americans have maybe not forgotten but have
come so accustomed to it, there isn’t the exclamation point behind it
anymore.  Sure it’s there for us, we see
it while deployed every day. It’s in our faces, everyday all day. We train for
it back in the States and we execute in Afghanistan. What about you? I bet your
flag isn’t up is it? Perhaps you put it up today for the day but where has it been?
See, America is accustomed to the “war”. Out of sight and out of mind.

“America is not a war, the Marine
is at war, America is at the mall”



Regardless if your flag is up, if you send care
packages anymore or not, your military warriors will continue to take the fight
to the enemy. They will live!  They will
live for all of those that died that day when the cowards attacked America and
they live for their fellow brothers and sisters giving all in the war effort.

“Some gave some, some gave all”

Today will come and go like many other days but for
those who are missing family because of the Sept 11 attacks, they know today.
They saw it coming in Aug and they wont be over today so quickly. If you arnt
giving all what are you doing to live for those that died?


“Never forget”

Semper Fidelis

Time for a CGar 


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