Take care of your Marines is not only a saying in the Marine Corps, it’s a way of life. Not only do we never leave Marines behind we need to fast forward and focus on those Marines that served, left and still need help.

On a micro level, whenever I had a Marine that got in more than his share of trouble we asked, what are we doing wrong and planned out a way to turn the warrior around. If we turn Marines back into society worse than when we got them what good are we really doing? Every Marine should depart the Marine Corps as a contribution to society, not a hindrance. It’s the Marine Corps job to continue on with that effort for ALL Marines. I’m not one to mix words but trust me you screw with my Marines and I will get MidEvil on yer ass.

Below is a good article perhaps about disabled vets that yourself or someone you know that fits the criteria, should get checked out again for their portion of an honorable disability. If you want to argue that they don’t rate it, first walk in their shoes, do the deployments, patch your wounds, miss the birthdays, first steps and push through the divorces and make the sacrifices, losses and feel the same heart ache, then we can have a cup of coffee and discuss what you think they do or don’t deserve.

Young men go forward to keep the wolf at bay, I think the least we can do as a country is make damn sure they are freaking taken care of when the depart my beloved Marine Corps.
Time for a CGar
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Vet cases


  1. And I’m sure that the current administration will do everything they can to keep our vets from finding this out. Well, at least until January, 2013. Semper Fi.

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