Let's show Press and Tosh – and everyone else – that we still believe in this country and our National Anthem.

Dear JackWagons

I have done way too much time away from those I love and have seen
way to many give all in a third world war torn shit hole country for you to throw  some quote you read about your  first amendment rights and
tell me our country sucks and how we should strive to be more like communists and the

you understood what communism was, you would hope, you would pray on your knees
that we would some day become communist
.” – Jane Fonda 

Yes, I do defend the very right for you to speak freely and
say you hate America but I can’t help that you went down some pathetic road
that builds your warped views.  You can
say all you want about how you dislike this country, how screwed up it is, how
bad we have it. However, I will bet that 99.9% of those that say these things
about America, what it stands for have never been out of the US, in a war torn
country or for that matter in a communist country to actually see what you get
in a communist country as “freedom” or just how lucky we are in the United
States.  Furthermore, those that are
bitching about how screwed up it is are those that do so little to unass the
situation nonetheless serve in this great country’s defense force to protect

Here is an idea, if you are one of the above who think
America is so jacked up, you should have a week called “communist week”. You
could go all day working for someone for pennies at best, then go home to your
house without the luxuries we have here in the US (like clean running water
without disease) and all those nice things you have around your house now, well
get rid of them because your main effort is to support the government.  The sad thing is you can’t begin to feel the
misery communists feel at your house in the US because it’s still nicer that
you would experience in a foreign land. Did I mention that free speech you
threw in my face earlier just earned you a nice cement detention cell in a
communist country? Yea, great idea, let’s be like communists.

Id just rather you say “thank you” to those that keep this
country what is and stands for.  No one
is holding a gun to your head and telling you to stay here in America and
forcing you to be here. If you don’t love it, leave. Pack your shit, don’t pass
go, don’t keep collecting $200 and leave. Today is not soon enough. Make sure
you send us a post card from your luxurious communist estate telling us how
good it is. I’m sure it will be equally as nice as what you have here in the

I happen to love the United States. I love the American flag
as it represents freedom and all that we are as Americans and that people breathe
a sigh of relief when they see it appear in times of despair because they know
the good guys have arrived and help is eminent.  I happen to love my freedom. I happen to love
the Nation Anthem and the words within it.  If you don’t, fine but don’t try to tell me we
are so jacked up and doing things so wrong when you aren’t apart of the plan to
fix it or havent defended it. Pack your shit and move to Russia.  By the way, along your right to tell me how
bad my country is, burn my American flag, I also do have the right express my
free speech and if I were you I would stay out of arm reach.

Semper Fidelis

Time for a CGar!

God Bless America


  1. Give em hell Major. I used to post here in the past under Texasdillo. I will now use my name in the open as I believe 100 percent like the Major. I also agree with his comment on the arm reach. Say what you have the right to but get in our face and we will use it to clean the sidewalk. God speed Major and I pray sanity will prevail and we can give our veterans their country back. Thanks to all of you who serve. Bring it home safe my brothers.

  2. I can add nothing that would make this any better-it is the God’s honest truth and awesome to boot. I’m always proud of this country and those who serve her. Semper Fi!

  3. From my readings of history and the writings of our founders, I suspect that the founders never considered that the 1st would ever become so twisted in its meaning and intent as to provide cover for those who take up the cause of an enemy.
    “Congress shall pass no law…” seems to me to mean that it is taken as granted that us, the citizens, would have enough of our own heads out of our tailpipes to take care of such issues on our own without having to be told to in official legal terms.

  4. I saw urinal cakes made of Hanoi Jane Fonda on eBay a while back. I’ll make a fortune selling urinal cakes of any anti American jack wagon!

  5. Why do Americans always say “go and live in Russia” or some other communist state. They never say “live in Australia, Canada etc “. So America being better than a country like Afghanistan is proof that it’s great? Not much of a boast is it? This cliched “god bless America”, blindly patriotic, love it or leave it stuff is old-fashioned, cliched and shows a lack of imagination.

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