There are endless opportunities out there for YOU!  Its what America was built on. You can make a difference. You can help someone make a difference. You are the difference.  How great can you be?

Many people go through life satisfied with what they are doing. Are you? If not, then change it. Who is holding you back. You may  read off a long list but are they truly holding you back or are YOU holding yourself back because you don’t want to do what it takes to get where you really want to be. No one is holding you back, no one but yourself.

Make a difference, be that single person that makes a difference for someone, for America, for yourself.

 If you think you can or cannot do it………………………..your right. It’s up to you!

How great can you be?

 Time for a CGar!


  1. Every one is here for a reason, knowing what the reason is, or was is the trick.
    It maybe as simple as a few kind words of advice to a stranger. Or as complex as
    laying down your life for a friend.

  2. Great comments warriors. YOU affect people everyday, you might not even know you are doing it, perhaps that unique second you took to simply listen to them, the time you went out of your way, might have made a huge difference for them. Perhaps, you havent completed all the “help” you possibly could, therfore we must continue to be better, make ourselves better, strive to be the best at everything we can (yes, its not going to be easy) and do what wwe can do help theose that we can help. When you get knocked down, get back up & know you are that much closer to succeeding. Look at President Lincolns failures (http://showcase.netins.net/web/creative/lincoln/education/failures.htm)if you dont have the strength to pick yourself up when you get knocked down, email me, I’ll pick you up and attached a rocket booster to yer butt. One Team, One Fight!!!!

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