Hey Army….you could develop a desert and a green style digital camies that work in %99.99 throughout the world….oh wait the Marine Corps already did that. Its ok Army Joes, we Marines know you love to buy new gear all the time and walk around in three shades of patterns. Very sexy by the way. Yes, the Marine Corps uniform is pretty basic, comes only in two colors, Motto Green and Motto Desert but here is the catch, the Marine applied the KISS rule (keep it simple stupid) and ya know what, it works. So go on with yer bad self Army joes and have 10 types of uniform, by the end of the year you will have an 11th I’m sure. Nice new white shirt w/ your Class B uniforms.  Very sexy…..white? are you serious???


Semper Fi-Time for a CGar!

After eight years and billions of dollars, the Army has given up on an ambitious effort to clothe its soldiers in a "universal camouflage pattern." The grey uniform, widely issued and widely loathed, was supposed to blend in equally well in all environments, from desert sand to green forest to city streets. It just didn't. Now the Army's going back to the old, obvious approach of having different designs for different places.

Recommended for you Sea Bizarre Navy 'Flip Ship' Turns 50 "It definitely makes a difference in Afghanistan, because Afghanistan is primarily brown, and there's no brown in the universal pattern," said one Army officer who's deployed wearing the universal camouflage, also called the Advanced Combat Uniform (ACU). Under pressure from unhappy soldiers and the late Rep. John Murtha, the Army had already given up on the universal pattern for troops in Afghanistan, who now wear a "multi-cam" design better suited to the terrain. Soldiers elsewhere around the world, though, still have to make do with the universal-pattern ACU — or work around it by finding unofficial sources of uniforms. "The ACU does fine in the urban environment," the officer said, where its grey shades blend in with concrete (see the picture). But elsewhere, he went on, "guys use the old woodland pattern" — a discontinued US uniform — "when they're out in Thailand or the Philippines…. or they'll trade their ACUs out with the locals."


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  1. Ironic coming from the Department of the Navy. I know, I know, groundpounders must sharpen as iron on iron. Keep us honest, Jar.

  2. I was in long before the digitalized camo uniforms came out. Never was a fan of them. I think it makes us look like a bunch of 8-bit Nintendos games. Haha but I’m just an old vet and my 2 cents doesn’t mean anything.

  3. Good comments Gang- I hear ya, when I enlisted we wore the old basic tri color vietnam style cammies (no Im not getting old). The white shirts will never work for Marines, we are too messy for “white” and plus the tan digital camies hides spilled black coffee rather well….just sayin

  4. When I went in the Corps, we were being issued cammies left over from Viet Nam along with sateen covers. The ones that you starched. But white shirts? Yeah, right. Semper Fi.

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