You know I am a supporter (check out these posts) of the kick butt charity AnySoldier. Why, simple, because they were right there next to me relentlessly during all of my multiple combat tours and I cant describe the help they brought to my Marines, made Christmas hoolidays, birthdays, the typical day SPECIAL for all of us. Please read below and see how now you can help those that help us that are deployed.


As you know, Any Soldier Inc. is the facilitator of communications between the public and our troops by providing a website that puts you, the public, in touch directly with our troops.  Any Soldier's efforts have served over two million troops and we can't stop now.  We are reaching out to you because of your past support.  We need your help!


Unfortunately, the economy has impacted everyone. Any Soldier Inc., a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is almost entirely family-run and depends on donations. The last year has found Any Soldier in debt for the first time in its existence, and the family struggles to maintain all the aspects of the organization on their own.  We are asking for your help to keep this service alive for our servicemen and women and we need to act now.  The economy has forced many non-profits to shut down and Any Soldier Inc. fully intends not be one of them. 


Any Soldier Inc. and its supporters have joined together for our first annual "Donations for Appreciation" fundraiser which started the end of April.  The goal is $50,000 by Independence Day, 2012.  You can make your donation by going to the"Donations" page and telling all your friends and family, or you can become a personal fundraising participant.


We invite you to show your appreciation to the men and women of our military services through this great fundraiser.


All donations are tax deductible!


It's easy to become a fundraising participant.  Just go to the "Be a Participant" page, set your fundraising goal and tell all your friends and family.  Sign up as an individual, company, team, school or any other group with your own fundraising goals and help support our troops.  Supporters can donate directly on your personal page and you can watch your goal become a reality!  The top three fundraisers will receive an official Certificate of Appreciation from Any Soldier Inc. and recognition through our website to all our servicemen and women and supporters.  Sign up now!  Your support is greatly appreciated.




Any Soldier Inc.




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