(Watch between 1:51 & 1:57 that is us going by)

Every year Rolling Thunder pounds the streets of Washington DC. I have had the opportunity to ride among warriors with my buds at AnySoldier.com. This year, although I am not in the US, they still ride and they will be representing strong.

Hundreds  if not hundreds of thousands of bikers fall into the city, some looking like something out of a biker bar, well because they are. Some sporting the Eagle Globe & Anchor on their back (The Leathernecks) but all of them have the pride of America in their veins.

If you are in the VA, DC, MD area and haven’t ever checked out Rolling Thunder, it’s something to see and feel.  If you check it out, keep an eye out for Marty and friends from AnySoldier. They will be one of the many with the Stars & Bars flying behind his bike.  


  1. Run for the Wall came through here ( Angel Fire, NM ) last week. God bless them all for their service and may he protect them as they travel.

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