2012 Milblog Marine winner

 You may have participated and voted for One Marine’s View during the  2012 Milbloggies this year.

 Its my pleasure to announce that One Marine’s View won the Marine Corps Blog award. This was only because of you the readers of One Marine’s View. This blog was started during the first (of five) of my combat deployments and from the beginning the objective was to bring information about your warriors to you back in America. I appreciate those of you that supported me with a vote and please know this award goes to those fighting, their families  and those that have given all for their country.

Here are the finalists from the 2012 Milbloggies:


Best U.S. Army Blog – The Rhino Den
Best U.S. Military Spouse Blog – **Wife [Widow] of a Wounded Marine**
Best U.S. Military Parent Blog – Semper Fi Parents
Best U.S. Military Supporter Blog – Character Does Matter
Best U.S. Marine Corps Blog – One Marine’s View
Best U.S. Navy Blog – USNI Blog
Best U.S. Coast Guard Blog – ryan erickson
Best U.S. Air Force Blog – Aim High Erin
Best U.S. Military Veteran Blog – You Served
Best U.S. Reporter Blog – The Unknown Soldiers


Time for a CGar!


  1. Congratulations MP on your efforts and great success reaching the public with your milblog with truth. You are the Marine Energizer Bunny.

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