Tim Weller proudly served in the Marine Corps for four years and needs your help, please. Tim has  written a novel, Summer of Love: Semper Fi, based around his Marine experiences. In his  book, a young Marine’s journey challenges him to stay alive as he learns the true meaning of Semper Fi in this universal story of war, love and death. The Marine Corps, Vietnam, and a turbulent, exciting era provide exotic settings as America savors free love while erupting with anti-war protests.

Tim will be donating a chunk of the book sales to charities such as those helping wounded/disabled veterans as well so many benefit from this book.

I need your help, please, to get the word out about this, so that people can read the free sample chapters on Amazon and Smashwords and decide if they want to buy it, conveniently placed as an e-book for only $2.99. Of course, he would love to have book sales, what author wouldn't, but if each person tells a few people, and they each tell a few people, working together we can raise a lot of money for charities. Please visit my blog at SemperFi2.com for more details. Thanks for your help and Semper Fi.



 Tim Weller has donated to the AnySoldier Fund Raiser – Join him!



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