As readers of OneMarine’s View you may or may not have noticed how I don’t “do”ads on my blog. I figure you are already bombarded by crap you don’t need or things that slow down your mission to get info as companies hammer you with pop ups etc. to get your money. That doesn’t fit the One Marine’s View profile, no not so much.

I get a bunch of emails asking to run their ads or the latest version of the design of the wheel on my blog and 99% of the time they go directly to a spam folder. Since I began entertaining the option to post things about our warriors for a donation to the AnySoldier Fund raiser I am supporting, there have been some great supporters come out of the wood work. Below is one of those types of inquiries that I would have probably never paid attention to but turns out to be an important story, and one many should know about. I appreciate their donation and more so appreciate how they are bringing attention to the cause. So many warriors that are unknown heroes return home and many forget they even left or even know that went in the first place. Hopefully the below series will remind America and especially the younger generation that like those that went before us, there is a part of America that went to war, as many Americans went to the mall.

“American Homecomings,” is a project from Digital First Media that will chronicle the lives of returning veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and offer vets news, information about support services and a place to share their photos and memories. Eight soldiers from around the country have agreed to let reporters and photographers follow them for a year, shedding light on the challenges they face upon returning from the battlefield. Some have incurred brutal injuries or psychological scars, some have broken marriages, some have no jobs and some very intact lives. A new chapter in a veteran’s life will be posted here every Monday. This site also features a searchable database for national veteran services such as counseling and job placement. The database was built by Warrior Gateway, which is partnering with Digital First Media on this project. “This is a very important story to tell, one we thought was the perfect subject for our first company-wide journalism project,” said Jim Brady, editor-in-chief of Digital First Media. “Individually, our newspapers and web sites have very strong voices in their communities, but we felt that we could even more powerfully tell this story by combining efforts across the country. ”

Watch below about Army veteran Tim Kenney finds a new life as a small-businessman


Twitter: @AmerHomecomings


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  1. We are fortunate to have so many individuals and organizations who appreciate and support our troops. Thank you, Maj, for all you do to keep us informed and engaged.

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