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The country has been at war for over 10 years in multiple theaters of Operation, ArmyBassAnglers joins forces with the Sportsman Channel to bring the spirit & Espirt de Corps of inter-service competition back to the waters of our country's great lakes in the exclusive new series [FORCE on FORCE].

Each week military teams from each branch (Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines) will go head-to-head in a military style platoon level operation to compete in a 6 hour tournament, with no time-outs, under all situations with only the conditions changing–exactly like combat.

Awesome soldier profiles, Operational briefings, G2 lake Reports, After Action Reviews and big fish honors make this show completely original as teams fight to complete the mission and bring in the biggest legal limit to earn top dawg honors and bragging rights and chance to advance to the next round of competition culminating with an opportunity to represent (2) returning heroes in a winner takes all championship, that will blow the "represented soldiers mind", with one team ultimately being crowned the 2012 FORCE on FORCE Champion–HOOAH!

On This Week's All-New Episode:
Join us this week as US NAVY “SQUIDS” go head-to-head against long time inter-service foes—The US Marines for ultimate bragging rights on Choke Canyon. Both are poised to show the other just who is “The BOSS” and advance to the next round—OORAH will it be OOYAH!



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