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If you notice on One Marine’s View, there are no advertisements in the side bar and the site is soley funded by myself. I want to keep the site clean,without clutter or distractions.  I rarely do posts promoting events as well although the site generates on average well over 1K viewers a day and 1K+ page views a day you can see why I get a ton of emails soliciting to advertise events .

However, from now until the 4th of July I am involved with helping the kick ass charity AnySoldier  raise money. I will accept offers and will posting some already accepted  for a min agreed donation to the charity event.  All post proposals must be emailed to myself for acceptance and I maintain the right of first refusal. The main guidline is that your event has to support or recognize our warriors.

In order to help recognize those events I will be posting a yellow ribbon on the post signifying that they have made a donation to the cause.  This is important because it shows they are supporting troops in morethan one way.

Please help AnySoldier meet its charity goal and please email me any proposals to be added to One Marine’s View as a post. If you are motivated enough, join us and help raise money for the charity. Me? Yes you can join our coalition to help raise money. Cmon, I double dog dare ya! Go here to become a participant

Those that have donated already, thank you! You have already made a difference!


Time for a CGar!


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