1. Gang, looking at the positive side of this, perhaps some may hear a calling too support their country as this does show some very positive attributes to the Marine Corps. Notice on her uniform, she had no rank (because she is a private)but more importantly, notice that the Marine Corps didn’t let her wear and Eagle Globe and Anchor. Those have to be earned. Just a detail I picked up on.

  2. Missing the Globe and Anchor? you do not get them during training. Showing the BAM’s (Beautiful aggressive Marines )in a video shows they are no piece of cake which is good. As they say, any publisity is good publicity.
    Tony C Marine (’68) Tet offensive (Hue City Vietnam) Combat Wounded Marine Grunt

  3. I doubt that Perry meant any disrespect in this video. She was merely playing a character that went into the Marine Corps, just like Jack Webb did in “The D.I.” and also John Wayne in “The Sands of Iwo Jima.” Neither Webb nor Wayne had ever served in the Marine Corps, but they were showing their support by portraying the Marine Corps in a positive light. That’s what Perry is doing here.

  4. It may be different then when I was in 82-87 but I seriously doubt the women do boat workouts and laying arm in arm in the surf, that stuff is reserved for Recon,Scout/Sniper guys I’m pretty sure.Otherwise this is a good fluff piece.

  5. Katy Perry did do a show in Camp Miramar-Divas salute the troups on VH1 along with Sugarland-Jennifers Air Force brother introduced her,among others. This was Veterans’s Day week in 2010. It was well received by the troops. I taped it and watched it 3 times just to see the troops liking it!

  6. Her Bayonette work lacks technique, for an opposed beach landing she’s running in suspiciously straight lines and her Molle Chest webbing is light on Ammo, Rats, Water, Cylumes, Tac Markers, CAT Tourniques and the like.
    Why can’t Luvvies ever get it right?

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