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Thought your Monday was bad? Check out these gunfighters as you catch a glimpse of their day. Despite being shot at, blown up and in the fight, these warriors in out posts don’t have running water, haven’t seen their families in months and are damn proud to stand tall and keep the enemy at bay. Perhaps you can keep that in mind when you tell someone “man my day was tough” and perhaps just be a bit more grateful for those living on basically minimum wage, facing severe budget cuts being forward deployed and yes, still kicking butt! How easy we as American take what we have or are losing for granted. They don’t! Time for a CGar!


  1. My Mondays and everydays are good because of all of you standing tall and taking all the BS both good and bad…. Making sure we are protected from all enemies where ever they may be. Thank you my Warriors I feel very safe knowing you are on guard!

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