Mike McCracken, a former Marine, leads the Leatherneck Pipes & Drums during the 249th St. Patrick's Day

 Gang-Wishing you all a “lucky” St Patty’s Day. In New York a good friend (Fireman) and a bunch of fellow Marines will be marching in the St Patty’s Day parade.  I’m a big fan of Guinness beer. It’s a food group! Plus it goes good with CGars! However so do all of these fine Irish Whiskiey’s .

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It isn’t easy being green, during peace time or whenever one is against you. We have every color, shape and size of Marines within the Marine Corps and the one thing in common is that they are all green as Marines.  We are a band of brothers and even we appreciate a little luck every now and then. As we are being downsized, bad guys are increasing and America goes through difficult times know your Marines with or without luck will be here for you. It isn’t easy, it isn’t always fun but then again it isn’t easy being green.  Look out for one another and the best of luck to you & yours this St Patty's Day!

Time for a CGar!


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