Here is a doooosey. A Marine, sees what she believes is a fraud masking as a Medal of Honor recipient and calls him on it. Result, her coward boss fires her. Another perfect example of how America has become a wet noodle and won’t stand behind those that stand up for themselves. Are you shitting me, they fired her?

She was told “it was unprofessional to confront him”

The problem here gang, it’s the ideal ology of the boss/company that maintains the “let's not hurt any ones feelings” or even more disgraceful, “let’s not back our employees” (vomit). I’m glad they fired her; it’s a blessing in disguise. Who would want to dedicate themselves to an organization that won’t back you?


This warrior has more intestinal fortitude in her little finger that her entire company that she use to work for.  More so, she hasn’t screamed “look at me” and called for an injustice,mandated an apology from the press or sold her story to every afternoon gossip TV show. Good on her. She simply called it like she saw it. That’s more than I can say about her old boss. Pathetic.

Time for a CGar

Check out the full story below from “Hot Air”


This is one infuriating story which goes back a fair ways. Some years back, Xavier Alvarez was going around wearing a Congressional Medal of Honor [See EDIT below] – and bragging about it to anyone who would lend an ear – without ever having served a single day in uniform. Thanks to the alert senses of one woman, a Marine herself who had finished her service, he was caught red handed and charged under the Stolen Valor act. His case is currently pending before the Supreme Court and he faces up to a year in jail along with other penalties.

But what happened to Melissa Campbell, the sharp eyed Marine who spotted his despicable behavior? That’s a story which may wind up angering you even more.

Less attention has been paid to the fate of the woman who helped expose Mr. Alvarez and who brought him to the attention of the FBI. Ms. Campbell, the event planner serving Mr. Alvarez snacks on June 27, 2007, was a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who served her country for 10 years.

But after exposing Mr. Alvarez’s medal claim as a hoax — later reporting to the FBI what she viewed as a crime in progress — Ms. Campbell said she wasn’t thanked by her employer. Instead, she said, she was fired.

“I was told it was unprofessional to confront him,” she told The Washington Times in a recent interview. The company did not respond to inquiries about her departure, citing a policy of not commenting on personnel matters. Mr. Alvarez declined through an attorney to comment.

Ms. Campbell now works as a family readiness officer for the military. She has politely declined the offers from a parade of lawyers inquiring whether she would like to file a lawsuit against her former employer. She told them she was not interested. While she still wants her name cleared, she said, she doesn’t want to spend any more time thinking about Mr. Alvarez.

On the one hand, I can understand Ms. Campbell’s attitude and seems to fit in with what we know about her character and history. She has no interest in lining her pockets through a lawsuit, found herself another job and would rather not think any more about the disgusting medal thief. The fact that she’s not out doing book tours and appearances on The View speaks highly of her. But that doesn’t mean that the rest of us have to remain silent.

Ms. Campbell’s former employer owes, at a minimum, a public apology to her. And it wouldn’t hurt if some patriotic minded individual found a way to reach out and improve her job situation, at least to thank her for doing the right thing at significant personal cost. So who is the real hero in this story?



  1. Oh FFS, how pathetic-get rid of the honorable one, and leave the parasite :(-is there a petition to sign or something??

  2. Hi, My gratitude to Ms. Campbell, an American, a Marine, a soldier. She should’ve been given recognition in a positive manner. Who knows, or cares, what the political beliefs the employer has ? Why did that matter ? I don’t see that she expressed any political dogma, only The Law of The Land.( And a danged good one !) Were there ‘ rules of engagement ‘ ?! I saw a site for a company shown in the Comments, is this the company in question here ? Anyone ? Perhaps the owner would like a bit of public exposure & NOT for advertising purposes ?! Has ‘he(?)’ made any public statement ? I was among fellow Viet Nam Vets who stood with fellow Vietnamese Vets & their families when the shop keeper in ‘Little Saigon’, Westminster, CA, decided to construct a shrine to HoChiMinh in his store, unbelievably. The demonstration lasted a week & more.The VN folks were outraged that one of ‘their own’ would attempt such an outrageous thing, especially in their new country, one that gave them safe refuge. The grateful & faithfully patriotic new Americans won.He left town. These things work, cowards always run.

  3. First, don’t bother with calling the Marines, sad to say. Bother with going straight to the Pentagon and your Congressional leader and the President. The Marines have shamed themselves in this instance and are a disgrace to all of us….I KNOW THEY DO NOT WANT THAT IMAGE but….they need to hear that’s what they’ve done for themselves. Every time a “whistle blower” gets a slit throat or falls on their own sword for honor remember this…its for the honor of all, not the few. Its YOUR slit throat, too.
    Patriots should start a petition.

  4. OK …. is the person who fired her one of America’s “chicken hawks” who thinks he knows something about combat because he played a “war game” on a PS3 one time a while back?

  5. what is the name of the company? if you are going to publish a story like this, TELL ALL! We want the name of the ass hole that fired her so that we (there are a few) can contact him/her and let them know how we feel!

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