I guess I missed the “transformation” period. I’m the type of guy that like to see the good guy win in the end. Good should always win over evil. I’m the kind of guy who respects his elders, respects America and other people’s things and knew the Golden Rule because that’s how I was taught.  When did all of this change?


Now, people see younger people doing something wrong or even illegal and turn a cheek. Even worse like when this week in Australia, an oxygen thief TV show called “The Circle” used its TV showcase to berate  Corporal Roberts who was the recipient of the  (Victoria Cross – similar the Medal of Honor) Australia's highest award for gallantry.


Viewing a photo of the Corporal Roberts-Smith standing up to his hips in a swimming pool, Ms Stynes (show commentator)  remarked: "He's going to dive down to the bottom of the pool to see if his brain is there."

 Here is the picture they were referring to (your welcome ladies) and the two jack wagons on the right who thaought it was "funny" to mock him…..



Call me crazy but I would love to see a picture of Ms Stynes boyfriend (if she has one) and try to see why she would make a comment like this. Why in the wide world of sports would you think for a second that it would respectable or proper to berate your countries servicemember who has gone to war numerous times and was awarded your nation’s highest award? Who in the hell do these people think they are?


It must be a global thing because we in America have these same types. The types that want to jab it to the warriors going to war as their spouses try to live pay check to pay check. Real nice!!! These are the same people in my opinion that could use a good 90 day vacation all expenses paid to Helmand Province Afghanistan to see just how lucky they are to live in America. Hey sunshine, here is a news flash for those that fall into that category, warriors like Cpl Roberts, these are the men that ensure you get to enjoy life as you know it. Perhaps a simple “thank you “ would have gone over better than the dumb ass remarks you made about one of your countries biggest war heroes. Nice career move! Perhaps you should now hold your show in another country, just don’t come to the United States. However, these same people probably have no idea what the “Golden Rule” is. They may get an idea what the Golden Rule is in the very near future.


Time for a CGar 


  1. Major,
    I must concur with you about “if” she has a boyfriend. I saw her glamour picture at the link and I must admit Sir, I have seen better faces on an iodine bottle. She obviously also has the intellect of a small soap dish.
    Semper Fi,

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