This is not your typical American. This is the warrior who has done multiple deployments volunteered for his country and whose family is still living from pay check to pay check in base housing and damn glad to have it along with all of the nice to have items so many Americans take for granted.


This is the warrior who will one day get out of the Marines and be fighting for a job. This is the warrior who doesn’t drive a fancy car and may never have a state capital lower their flag to half-mast for him if he dies in comparison to those that have had this in their “honor” recently.


This is the warrior going to the shittiest places in the world and simply making a difference. He is making a difference on less than many get on government handouts. He makes what he has last because he won’t get another hand out but he will get another deployment. He will get another military cut which means he will see less or have to do more with less if he still has a job when he comes back from deployment.


How is it that those that gives so much, get so little in return? Is this America? The fact is that because of many of the OMV readers “get it” and actually “Thank” these warriors. To them, your gratitude is worth so much more than driving a nice car, making a six digit salary and most importantly getting a free government hand out.

 No, this isnt a typical American, he is a Marine.

Time for a CGar 



  1. We care very much & do all we can writing & sending pkgs, to let warriors know they are always in our thoughts & prayers. God bless you all!

  2. Ever get the feeling like hockey chucking a fellow employer into the wall because he is an idiot? I know there are some of you that would just love to throttle people who think with their ass and treat warriors like babies.

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