1. One thought is my fellow knucklehead Marines that posed in front of the SS flag should watch this. Listen to it, heed it. Yes, we as “Marines” screwed up by having those Marines doing something stupid. We as Marines have taken appropriate action as well to fix it as eluded in the previous post from the CMC. Semper Fi Mr Rubin.

  2. I am moved to tears watching this. As much as I wanted to throttle his sgt, more importantly the determination, will and outlook of this man exemplifies the good that the human spirit can attain and what we as fellow citizens should strive for. I can only hope that those who wish to throw away what America has/had understand the sacrifices made and what it takes to have “shalom”.

  3. Thanks Major for sharing. I enjoyed your notes and mouse war blogs when you were deployed, but your One Marine’s View site is exceptional as is your gift of written word and information sharing. Truly a warrior with vision and heart.
    I eagerly await your published book(s).

  4. I first saw this account of Tibor Rubin on the Military Channel. He should have been recommended the the MOH at least 6 times, maybe more.

  5. to improving overall levels of social mobility in the UK, in order to ensure that everyone with the ability to succeed in HE is able to benefit from the advantages and increased opportunities that it brings.”

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