1. This year I have only my prayers to give to the warriors. But I am with them all in spirit. We went out to the woods to cut a small pine this year and decorated it with our lifetime of memories. Hubby made a vow that if he came home from Vietnam he would always have a real tree with whatever he could find for decorations. He found a small evergreen that Christmas in Vietnam. He decorated it with bits and pieces he could scrounge. We looked up at the sky, him in the jungle and me at my small East Texas home. We touched each other’s hearts. We were blessed; he came home. Since then, through thick and thin we’ve held that Christmas in our hearts. I know what it’s like for the spouses and children. He knows what it’s like for that soldier so far from home. Next year perhaps we will be on the thick side and not the thin; we will give what we can. But for now we send our prayers and thanks for a job well done. Jude

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