1. Jason…To me our wounded warriors are beautiful.. You and others have done so much for our country and sacrificed so much.. I am proud to walk, sit or stand with you and your wounded warriors.. Anytime, all the time. Thank you Major for posting this and to all reading this…. PLEASE, check out the site and let’s get behind and support Lt Redman and his wounded warriors…

  2. Such courageous men and women to carry on with lives that are vastly different from what they could have imagined. It is reassuring to know we have such true leaders among us. I just sent my annual contribution to the Wounded Warriors Project; it is humbling to understand how much they have given for all of us.

  3. My thoughts are the same as Pincher’s when I see these video’s of our wounded Warriors. It’s impossible to say how all of you touch my heart and inspire me, Jason. Thank you, Sir, for your sacrifice and example of what it is to be a MAN.

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