Want to see what it looks like when great Americans meet those returning from war? Check out the below where a good friend "SJ" & reader of OneMarine’sView visited the return of a few heroes recently. The actions by all of the volunteers that went there made a significant difference to those coming home. There is nothing like coming home to have someone meet you.

Time for a Cgar



What I do at the welcome home events…….pass out the "I Served" stickers………and they are always a big hit!!!!
Love it when they tell me they served in both countries and humbly ask if they can have one of each……..
God bless them all………photo taken by my good friend Paul G, former Navy Corpsman and great photographer who shoots all the cookout photos and MCL events.   The ladies next to me had t-shirts that read "Free Hugs" and they were so generous with them and they were so very welcomed by our troops!   I love these events….wish I could get to more of them…..





  1. Warrior’s homecoming pics are my favorites and especially those of the Mom’s and Dad’s coming home to their children. Thank you, Major.

  2. I’ve returned from all my deployments on a ship, so I haven’t been able to experience this first hand, but my younger brother (also in the Navy) flew home from his last deployment, and there was a ton of people there to greet him and his shipmates. I always get a kick out of the “free hugs” folks. They really made it special.

  3. Oh Yeah…. There is nothing like a Welcome Home hug and a very Big THANK YOU… These guys and gals deserve nothing but the best from us…So, let’s give em all we can.. Just be there.. it means so very much not only to our troops but it will make you feel so good inside.. I guarantee it… Each time, I get a bigger lump in my throat and a bigger smile and happy tears.. God Bless em all!!

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