It’s easy to quit. When times get tough, many will seek the easy road and stop whatever is making them miserable. However, some will choose to believe in what they are doing, find a way to defy those that oppose them and beat the odds and be victorious.

Regardless if you are living pay check to paycheck or struggling to make something happen that you have been after for a while, losers pack sand and leaders, well that’s a whole other story. Leaders not only look out for themselves but for those around them or those less fortunate. The choice is yours. You can quit. Perhaps you have been giving it your all for some time and if you can look yourself in the mirror and say I’ve done 110% all the time and I’m still not making ground then the basic Joe may quit.

You however are not the basic “joe”. If you found your way to One Marine’s View you’re not some average “joe”. We are winners and success breeds success. That’s just how it goes. I hate to break your heart sweetheart but there is no such thing as a free hand out and if you think there is I suggest you buy a mirror and do some soul searching.


The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed.


No free hand outs. You have to earn the things you want and frankly I can for warn you it won’t come easy. That being said the good things in life don’t come easy and again, it’s up to you. You can quit, our you can go in the kitchen and get a big glass of suck it up and kick some ass. The choice is yours and know, if you choose to kick ass, you aren’t alone because success breeds success!

Time for a CGar!



  1. Every time I want to have one of those little pity parties for myself, I think about the Marines on Iwo, or at the Chosin Reservoir, or Hue or Falujah. And after a self induced smack upside my head, I get on with it. Thanks Major. Semper Fi.

  2. Marines are always Marines. The uniform is the uniform.
    My son is going on 6 years in the Army. He is a Staff Sergeant. His name appeared on the “promotable list” (selected for promotion).
    Needless to say he has to submit a photo in uniform for the board. In his line or work, he is always in a field uniform. The green dress uniform he was issued years back, is no longer the “official” uniform. He bought Army dress blues for his wedding. Likewise that uniform is no longer approved.
    So how he will have to buy a new uniform to get his photo taken in …. and yes figure out where all those medals go.
    I hope that uniform is still official when he gets selected for promotion again.
    … but I am not holding my breath. At least he gets to continue to wear his Green Beret.

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