“Peggy” is a devoted, motivated supporter of all warriors who supported me through all of my deployments, cooked me a turkey day meal one year (as I brought along a bunch of Marines) and continues to “be there” when warriors come home, rain or shine, day or night. Keep your eyes open for her if you’re on the left coast (west coast) as you might see her on a motorcycle with a bunch of Marines. Below she shares her welcome home party for yet again, more Marines. Thanks Peggy for always being there for us!!

Time for a CGar!

Pincher &CO

Peggy and the "CO"

We did a 2nd Welcome Home of HMLA 267 Marines yesterday…The first unit came in on Wednesday afternoon to March and we had 60 bikes for the escort and yesterday we had about 50… plus me in my car (cage) I had to take my charge with me so could not bum a ride on a bike…. My friend Gigi was also in a car with her two boys and she took some pretty neat pictures… Motorcycles and cars are not allowed on the tarmac at Pendleton…. but the CO wanted everyone of us there to help greet the families…


Blktruck escort


  Motorcycle escort

 Mortorcycle escort

Alone Marine

"This Marine had no family here to welcome him.. He came to us to say how much it meant to have us there… By the time he was through.. he was in tears and so were we… all of us. These are the times all the extra effort and sometimes long waits makes it more than worth it… I love it!" (Peggy)

Peggy and her flag

"For some reason I always somehow have a picture taken with my flag" (Peggy)

Pretty much sums up her dedication to make sure her "Marines" are supported. What a great American!

Semper Fi Peggy!!


  1. Peggy Kane, You are beloved by many. Thank you for always being a mom, sister, friend to these soldiers and their families. Carry on Sistah!

  2. I know this is nearly a year old. Day late and a dollar short, but I would like to give my honest and deeply heartfelt gratitude to Peggy for giving support in person to my Brothers. Support I can only give in my heart due to geographic separation. I truely wish I could do more for my Brothers, so I am always grateful for those who go above and beyond the call of duty. Actually, this kind of support can hardly be called a “duty”, which makes it all the more commendable. Thank you, Peggy.
    Semper Fidelis

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