Marine Cpl. Kevin Marra, left, a Walton High School graduate, and Marine Staff Sgt. Luis Juarez, a Marietta High School graduate, will be spending Thanksgiving in Camp Bastion, Afghanistan.
Special to the MDJ

Thanksgiving. There are few occasions when families get together all in one place and actually see one another and be thankful. Some families don’t always “get along” and therefore dread these types of holidays. The awkward meeting of the fellow sibling that causes friction can be a negative element to the holiday and can be a pain in the ass.  If not the sibling then perhaps something else that is out there that makes you not want to be together. Well, that’s your choice.

For some, being deployed doesn’t bring a choice for the holiday necessarily. They will (if lucky) get a chow hall version of turkey and fixings(if you want to call it that). Some may even stay up overnight to catch a football game in the chow hall. Some won’t even get the opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving and I guess that’s their choice as well to be serving and volunteering in the military and taking the fight to the enemy.


“Since my brother and I joined the Marine Corps, it’s been hard for everyone to be around for the holidays together,” Marra said. “I definitely miss being home with family, but at the same time I understand I’m out here to support what we’re doing out here, and it’s OK with me knowing that we’re doing good out here.”

However if we look at “choices” which choice would have to make this year? Would it be to not see that particular sibling because you can avoid them or would you rather make the choice and serve your country, not see any of your siblings, family friends or any football? That pain in the ass sibling isn’t looking too bad now are they? Grow a set and get the family together for the love of God man! Trust me there are about 20,000 that would trade with you in a second even if it meant spending time with the pain in the ass. At least they would be with family which is more than many deployed can say this holiday.

Thanksgiving is about “thankfulness” and frankly America needs to look and make sure we know what we are thankful for and remember those that are physically making sure those sacred things stay around. I have spent many holidays deployed and away and I can tell you this that I would have traded with you in a second to spend Thanksgiving with my, your or any family during the holidays. If you get the chance I recommend you do the same but then again, it’s your choice.

Whats it like being deployed during Thanksgiving? (this was my post about turkey day that I wrote when I was home. Now away again Im writing about the same things-your almost home)

Time for a CGar-Happy Thanksgiving especially to my deployed warrior family! 



  1. All of you warriors are being thought of by so many each day…but especially on these special days when family is so far away. I honor you and what you are doing for me. I take it very personally that you are where you are because of the choices you have made. God Bless you and yours every day. pj

  2. Gratitude is attitude, and attitude is everything! We are grateful for each and every one of you. God Bless you and keep you safe today and always.
    Happy Thanksgiving Marines! You are AWESOME!
    Semper Gratus

  3. Can never say “thank you” enough to each member of our military who willingly serve our country and know that at some time they will spend these special holidays away from home..no home cooked turkey with all the trimmings and all the good stuff that goes with that wonderful dinner… So here I go with another “BIG THANK YOU” to all in harms way for what you do and for where you are.. Please know you will always have an open invitation to join me for a special dinner with some of my good friends in Huntington Beach, CA… Till then a Happy Thanksgiving to all …. and thanks to your families for sharing you with us…
    God Bless…

  4. All of you tell us you are just “doing your job” but we know it’s sacrifice. I don’t think words are sufficient to express how we respect and honor those that serve and their families. We are all humbled and inspired by your courage and sacrifice and that of your families standing watch at home. You all are always on my mind and especially on the holidays. Put another great big THANK YOU next to pincher’s and all the others that posted here!

  5. Thanks Gang-Its amazing but your warriors will walk through fire for America if they know you have their backs! You guys are awesome!

  6. Maj…. They walk through it every day for us and to those of us who know and care will ALWAYS be there… We are a picky group… we fully support those who fight for us… NOT those who try to tear us down… they will NEVER succeed… WE won’t let them!! God Bless America and our mighty Military!

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