American football  brings in thousands of viewers. Don’t think your service members don’t notice the special recognition the NFL puts out there to recognize America’s warriors. There is something to be said when you are deployed in some Godforsaken country living in austere conditions and finally get the rare opportunity to watch a football game (even if it is in the middle of the night) and see the acknowledgement of America’s warriors. It makes you feel  like you aren’t forgotten and even if it only lasts a few moments its worth every second.

When you are deployed you are focused on your mission. I personally try to kind of put things and family back home sort of out of mind. I have my mission, they have theirs back home. If you dwell on it, it only makes time go slower. If you dwell on things back home, you aren’t focussing on the IED power line that is patiently waiting for you.  You have to be focused on your task at hand, your Marines lives and yours depend on it.

Sure you find yourself during a lull in the deployment thinking about home, your human (keep that on the down low though) but that’s usually the best time to ponder, enjoy it for a bit then re engage on your task at hand. Deployed warriors tend to not always call home whenever they can. Try not seeing your loved ones for several months, then calling them. When you hang up its almost like the scab is reopened, especially with young ones. Sure a call now and then is good but too often and your focus will sway.

Fans greet a soldier as he leaves the field on military appreciation day before an NFL football game against the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins Sunday, Nov. 6, 2011, in Kansas City, Mo. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

In my last deployment we were able to “acquire” a TV & satellite dish. Unfortunately it didn’t get any US channels until some savvy Marines got involved but that’s another story. Once we did get things up and running and would wake up in the middle of the night to watch some football everything would be good in the world for a few hours and it almost felt like you were home if you squinted really hard or a sand storm didn’t blow in.


It may seem trivial that the NFL features America’s warriors on a Sunday afternoon during a game but to your warriors it’s a breath of fresh air and somewhere in Afghanistan they just made a warriors day.


Time for a CGar!!


  1. Prior to the live portion, CS showed a video inaugurating the first corporate retreat, featuring various comedians (disguised as run-of-the-mill office employees) ironically singing the praises of Viacom’s “always funny” corporate culture.

  2. The pic of the fans reaching out and the soldier reaching up to them says it all about the enduring love between the patriots of our America and their Warriors. The half as never been told.

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