1. I drove a cab here in Vegas on the Graveyard shift and, while I certainly don’t wish to demean the beauty of this, I saw many, many of these in those wee hours of the morning when rare rainstorms off to the east gave us cloud cover like this.
    Makes one feel humble at His artistic abailities.

  2. Good comments guys-Msgt-Ive seen those as well as I stumbled out of (casino) I mean bed & they are awesome. Big bang my ass.

  3. Beautiful! and Yes, to L.V. cab driver. I worked graveyard for too many yrs. on the strip and many a morning these kind of sunrises OR sunsets kept me going. The thought that God makes this available to all of us anywhere is really a gift. Blessings…pj p.s. to the above post…what planet are you from?

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