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Hey Gang

I’ve been off the net a bit and a little busy. I can tell you though your Navy Marine team is kicking ass & taking names. They are doing things that aren’t on the front page of your newspaper, on Fox News or on the Communist News Network (CNN) but are making No Shit News (NSN).

Whenever I return from being with our warrior further out on the edge of the empire and I return I wish I could bottle that feeling and cover our great country with it so they know just how hard our warriors are working. Many take life in America for granted and go through each day forgetting what our country “could” be like. Those that keep putting their hand out instead of asking how they can help America are the ones that need a kick in the ass the most but hey, that’s another post I suppose.

Things are changing for the better in Afg and we are fining (not finished) in Iraq as well. Your warrior conduct some of the most awesome things and unfortunately their accomplishments never get recognized. This is most unfortunate. Hopefully you can get an idea here on OMV as I can pass on what they are doing but at the same time keeping OPSEC in mind. I can tell you America, It’s a great day to American and your warriors are doing a lot of heavy lifting. But hey, that’s just One Marine’s View.


Time for a CGar


  1. Bonjour Major.
    It is with pleasure that I read you.Well done for all the Marines and all the troups.Have a nice day Major.
    Malko from Le Mans (France)

  2. Keep up the fire, Major. We appreciate you and all those with you.
    Methinks those spoiled brats camped out in the cities whining ,defecating on the side walks, harassing the working public could do with a long stint in a rough encampment on the outer edge of the empire.

  3. I never doubt what our unsung, and often forgotten, warriors are doing as they brave the threats worldwide. You are always appreciated in my home.

  4. Without you Brave Ones, where would we be? IMO you guys should be front page news every day. But forget them, you are amazing…thank you for fighting for US. I’ll keep an eye on your blog now that I’ve found it. {Hugs}to all. Also sending a box to as instructed!! LOL

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