There is an article below and perhaps it just didnt settle with me in a good way after I read it. Its title is “The troops are coming home from Iraq and it's a single woman's perfect opportunity to snag a man in uniform.” Now after I read it I thought, why wouldn’t our troops be supported all the time, but when they need it most (during deployment) and not just when they return.  If you think its a rose garden to be a military wife, think again. Being a military wife is stressful, demanding, exciting, sad all at once but like I said, we didn’t promise you a rose garden.

The troops are coming home from Iraq and it's a single woman's perfect opportunity to snag a man in uniform. So, dust off your patriotic heels and show our men in service just how much you appreciate their sacrifices.

Even though dating someone in the military can be incredibly challenging on many different levels, there are numerous reasons why a man in the service could be your ideal beau:

1. Conviction
Nothing says sexy more than someone who is putting his life on the line to protect your freedoms and rights. Joining the military is a choice; by serving his country, you know he has strong ideals and is willing to fight for them. Marine speak:Okay, this is true and Marines not only look good in uniform, we kick ass too!

2. He is in great physical shape
Let's not pretend that the fact he's probably in the best shape of his life doesn't turn you on. The rigorous training he is committed to is part of his daily routine, and you get to reap the benefits of his occupation's strict physical and dietary habits. We'll salute to that. Marine speak:True.

3. Potential for love letters
Because your relationship will probably be long-distance at certain points and for long periods of time, communication becomes essential. This means lots of emails, chats, phone conversations, and snail mail. The possibility of epic literary confessions of love is immense. Marine speak:Okay, this is getting a bit deep at this point. If and this is a big IF he can email you often when he is deployed he wont have the internet for long since he is sharing it with a few hundred warriors. Moreso, the emails will most likely be to the point like “money is in the bank, get the car fixed” not quite the “Romance Novel”

4. Independence and co-dependence
Because he is often in unfamiliar environments, you know that he can take care of himself. He is trained to survive hostile circumstances and protect his fellow soldiers, so he knows what it takes to work as a team. He knows how to work together for a common goal, but he can also assess a difficult situation and figure out a solution on his own. This can translate well for relationships. After all, love can be a battlefield, too. Marine speak:Yawn. If he is a successful warrior, he can make a decision and usually make a correct one.

5. He takes directions well
The military is all about structure, order and rules. If he can survive taking commands from his superiors, you know that he won't mind too much when you ask him to help you with the dishes every once in a while—or when you start ordering him around in the bedroom. Marine speak:Ugh…don’t count on this one too often ladies. What Mrs Suzy Q forgot to mention in this article is that our warriors are very confident in their abilities. Don’t think if you give him "orders" it will work out well for you. He is also use to giving orders himself and not necessarily to ladies but other fire eaters. It may come by a little gruff. Thats your warning.

6. He can keep his room neat
Due to the discipline practiced in the barracks, you can count on him to pick up after himself and keep his personal affects in order. You can thank his drill sergeant for that one. Well, unless he just came back from oh lets see, war and he has been living in some crap hole. The last thing he will be worried about is a sterile room.

7. The uniform
It's not just because the tailored cut of a uniform perfectly accentuates his physical assets. A uniform represents discipline, strength, courage, and fellowship—all traits that make for great partners. We are often attracted to men in uniform because of the message it sends to us: this is a person in a position of authority who can provide us with safety and whose job is to protect us from the dangers of the world.

How can we say no to that?

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Marine speak: Now what does a military spouse need to have to be successful?

  • Communication-One of the most important keys to a military relationship is communication. During deployment, while at home simple communication is paramount.
  • Flexibility-there will be tough times. There will be difficult times. There will be miserable times. You have to have a large amount of flexibility to deal with unknowns. You will be in many situations where you will be moving every three years. Having to make new friends at each new duty station.
  • Teamwork-you may find yourself living from paycheck to pay check. You need to have teamwork to pay the bills and utilize your discipline to make sure you do what is right.
  • Independence-you will find yourself alone. For a long time. You will have to fix the problem. Any problem that arises. Situations like the servicemember deploying with the only set of house keys in his pocket. Getting the car fixed because it broke as soon as he deployed. Events you may never had to deal with by yourself before, will be in front of you.
  • Be active-conduct events with other military couples/families. They will be a support structure especially when the times are tough.
  • Dealing with wounded warriors. You want to be with him? What if he comes home suffering from wounds of war. Can you handle that?

So you want to be involved with a warrior? You think it’s all glory and everything? Perhaps you believe it’s all glamorous like the movie “An Officer and a Gentleman?” Don’t think it’s some Fairy Tale. It can be the greatest experience of your life. You may encounter places in the world you would never believe you would visit. But don’t think just because some article says everything will be peachy it will. Our warriors dependants are strong mentally and physically. They deal with things and events many will never understand. Before you think you can handle being a military spouse, perhaps you should get the real scoop first and talk to one first hand.


Time for a CGAR!


  1. I grew up an Air Force Brat and married an Army Infantry Sgt. Might not be quite the same as being a Marine Wife, but trust me it was tough. I loved every minute of it. I lived through my Dad being in Japan during the Korean war-3 long years out of my toddler life without him. I lived through 13 months of waiting while hubby slogged through the jungles of Vietnam and a year while he worked on the dmz in Korea. I wouldn’t take back a year. At 66 I’m still a sucker for a uniform. But besides being tough, it is a way to serve our country. Thanks for the post.

  2. I can translate that article. Marry a military guy, you might cash in on his life insurance.
    I married the woman I love before I even went on active duty. It was tough, it was wonderful. I would not trade her …. or our 5 kids and 10 grandkids and 42 years for anything.

  3. Marine and service wives have one of the most difficult jobs in the country. We are (those that are not should be)there to support our men and their Marines through everything, overseas and stateside. Get them ready for deployment, send care packages, change our clocks to match their time zone, get very familier with Skype, stay faithful (what happens overseas does count Devil Dogs) and caring, supporting them through a million different situations. Then, we take care of them when they get home- through thick and thin and good and bad. I loved and will always love my husband and lost him to an IED, I have now have a Marine bf deployed. My needs must always come third its the Corps, him then me if nothing else is more urgent, it is very lonley. Communication and sensitivity must be maintained at all times and at a level most never have to be aware of. Wake up to reality ladies if you think any association with the Marine Corps is a day in the park. What these men and women see, go through and do for us and our country requires a strong partner at home. This seek a Marine for perks article is not acceptable. Your comments are right on MajPain! Semper Fi

  4. By the way, love the comment about not promising a rose garden. My Marine and I have a shared private blog that we journal in to each other whenever we can, tell about our days, vent, write fun things to and our best and worse moments of the days. The title is a little rain sometimes from that same song. Very true.

  5. Dust off your patriotic heels? NO WORDS! Well maybe so. How about epitome of stupidity? Sweetheart, if a woman’s patriotic heels, boots, sandals, tennis shoes stay in the closet until Johnny comes marching home please do at least one Patriotic thing for all of us that love him and stay the heck away from him! Pat yourself on the back Major and all of the above there is a wealth of knowledge right here to pass on to some young troop to be warned of the wrong woman and encouraged to look for one that will be with him for the long haul!

  6. Last summer we did a lot of interviews (over 60) with members of U.S. coworking facilities. One message we consistently heard was coworkers felt they were more productive at a coworking facility than they were working from home or from coffee shops.

  7. I am married to a marine and I have to say it is the hardest thing I have had to do in my life because he is always gone training or deployment. When he is home those the most magical times but he isn’t going to want to take orders from you when he gets home to clean and take orders in the bedroom. He took orders all day and wants to come home to his loving wife food on the table and be able to relax. He wants someone he know he can trust while he is on deployment and know that his spouse will be perfectly fine while he is away. So if some huzy walks up just because she thinks she can handle a military man all I have to say is good luck honey. You have to deal with the mandatory fun day or mandatory family day. And getting everything prepared for him including sewing name patches on. Or knowing which gear goes where. Knowing which uniform he needs pressed or even just knowing the fact when they go to a war zone ” no news is good news” being a military wife requires you to be strong not only for yourself for your children but also for the marine bc if youre strong for th then they know that you will be ok and focus on their job while they are gone.

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