Are you shitting me? We have Cyndi Lauper, Christina Aguilera, Michael Bolton, Keri Hilson, Eli Young Band, Roseanne (remembers the lyrics, but totally sucks on dignity), Carl Lewis (Thank God they don’t hand out gold medals  for singing. His whole performance was a suckfest!), R. Kelly. (ON CRACK), Steve Tyler (should probably stick to “Walk This Way.” He screeches like a horror queen through performance and changes end lyrics)

Why do we have these SO CALLED “Celebrities” butchering the National Anthem. I know, I know your saying Pain, ease up, they just messed up. No. They said “yes” I will sing the song and they got paid pretty well to do it. To dork it up is not only total embarrassment but lack of skill or professionalism. If they cant sing it right then when they invite you to sing it, say no, I’m sorry I’m not professional enough to sing it correctly. However they don’t and yet again butcher the song, then cash the check. I happen to know Marines giving all for this country and that song represents much of what they stand for.

Words have meanings and in this song they were written and should be sang a certain way. Not any old way but the way it was written.

I only have one question why the hell isn’t this guy below singing in this year’s Super Bowl? Obviously he is professional to know and sing the correct words.

Time for a CGar



  1. Love this man and the patriots standing there with him. Good people. I get choked up everytime I have listened and watched this. God bless him and all those with him.

  2. That brought tears! My God that was awesome! As an American I Need to Learn that second verse!
    This needs to go viral and our elected officials need to know it also!
    Semper Fidelis!

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