Watch the video. I’m sure you probably hear the same type of speeches being said around the water jug at a typical work place…..not. These warriors get paid less than the majority of those in the average work place, spend the most time away from their families, and continue to protect the nation.

You can’t script speeches like this warrior makes. You earn them.

Warriors conducting Operation Oqab Behar are kicking ass and taking names. Remember America? We are still at war and here are some of the gun slingers who are taking the fight to the enemy.  You can’t script speeches like this warrior makes. You earn them.

Pride is a valuable thing. You have to have it in you before you share it. These warriors have pride in what they do, one another, their cause, their mission and their country. So many in America don’t have pride in any of the previously mentioned. Why?  These warriors aren’t living the life of NFL super stars and they have more pride and loyalty to their team than anyone I know. We use to say “It’s a Marine thing” and if I have to explain it you wouldn’t understand. Maybe that’s the problem; too many Americans don’t understand those that go forward to protect the nation.

I guess you have to actually give a shit to have pride. Giving a crap means you put whatever you are doing before yourself. Is that it, too many Americans want to put themselves first? Sad. These warriors like many others fighting the fight against terrorism (remember we are at war thing?) that they are willing to put their unit, fellow warrior and country before themselves. Selfless Pride.

I’m proud as hell that we have steely eyed warriors out here doing great things in another country while some back in America are still holding out the “what’s in in it for me hand”. Keep attacking warriors you are what keep those in America safe. You are America!

Time for a CGAR!



  1. I thank God every day that there are brave men and women like these, that lace their boots, pick their pack up and sling their rifle to protect ME from the folks that want us dead. I had my turn at what can be a very thankless job, I couldn’t comprehend at the age I was, the effect that it has on the big picture. As always, Thank You Major, for doing what you do. Semper Fi.

  2. Words aren’t big enough to describe the respect I have for our Warriors and their families at home holding down the fort. It always comes back to that age old question, Where do we get such men and women? Prayers out always for them. They are always on my mind.

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