President Obama presented the Medal of Honor today to a Marine who saved 36 lives after an ambush in Afghanistan two years ago.

In awarding Dakota Meyer the military's highest honor at a White House ceremony, Obama said: "Today, we pay tribute to an American who placed himself in the thick of the fight — again and again and again."

The military said a wounded Meyer — a 21-year-old manning a gun turret on a Humvee — provided cover for troops during a six-hour firefight with the Taliban on Sept. 8. 2009.

Meyer and Staff Sgt. Juan Rodriguez-Chavez, driving the Humvee, went into the "killing zone" five times, Obama said, picking up wounded men and dead bodies; they saved the lives of 13 U.S. Marines and Army soldiers, as well as 23 Afghan soldiers.

Meyer killed at least eight Taliban insurgents despite shrapnel wounds to his arm.

The White House says Meyer, of Columbia, Ky., is the third living recipient of the Medal of Honor for actions in Afghanistan or Iraq, and the first Marine so honored.

In his remarks, Obama noted Meyer accepted the medal in honor of four comrades who did not survive the attack.

Meyer has "grappled" with memories of those deaths, Obama said, and sometimes regards his efforts as a "failure" because of the deaths of those four brothers — but the truth is just the opposite.


"You did your duty, above and beyond, and you kept the faith with the highest traditions of the Marine Corps that you love," Obama said. "Because of your honor, 36 men are alive today."

"Because of your courage, four fallen American heroes came home," Obama added, and their families were able to "lay their sons to rest with dignity."

Citing Meyer's comment that every member of the team is important, Obama said: "That's a lesson that we all have to remember — as citizens, and as a nation — as we meet the tests of our time, here at home and around the world. To our Marines, to all our men and women in uniform, to our fellow Americans, let us always be faithful."

Meyer — now a civilian — is also "one of the most down-to-Earth guys that you will ever meet," Obama told the audience.

When a White House staffer called to arrange a phone conversation with the president about the Medal of Honor, Meyer said he couldn't talk at at the time because he was at work.

"He said, 'if I don't work, I don't get paid,' " Obama said. "So we arranged to make sure he got the call during his lunch break. I told him the news, and then he went right back to work. "

The president joked: "I do appreciate, Dakota, you taking my call."

During that call, Meyer asked if he could have a beer with the president — which they did on Wednesday, as we reported this morning.

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  1. What makes a man so Gallant? I am so proud of this young Marine and the whole team of warriors. Warriors are the very best part of our Country. God Bless them all and American Bless God. pj

  2. This soldier is a great testiment to Marines everywhere. What a remarkable young man… Just think what he woulda done had he not had to use his talents and bravery spreading hatred abroad with military muscle.

  3. Dakota Meyer, you are a man among men, a quiet hero that suffers no fools, our nation is blessed to have you and all those who were with you on that day.

  4. I am so sorry to hear this young hero decided to seperate from the Marine Corps. I know the Corps is not for everyone. However, just maybe he will change his mind after working in the civilian world for a while. After all, even the toughist Marine Gunny wouldn’t make him wait for his lunch break to take a personal phone call from the President.His Recruiter should get out there and explain the benefits of re-enlistment for a CMA recipient. HMCM(E-9)J.M.Vaughn,(FMF)USN Ret.

  5. I need to thank the Lord for in my life. I am here writing something to honor the Marine, (Sgt Sgt Dakota Meyer ) that was given the Medal of Honor for saving his Marine brothers. It is hard to read article after articles and to be able to feel the truth that went on that day. I know that I will never be able to live his life, but I am here to try to show him thanks for what he and his brothers have done for the families of his Marine brothers. Yes, Marine brothers, that is the words that I used in this post. Marine is a term that many Americans wish that they could carry the title of being a US Marine. To many they do not even care about these words: The Few… The Proud…The Marines… But on that day those were probably the words in his heart as he risked his life.
    —-Call To Honor—-
    While being wounded and facing Taliban fire,
    Despite suffering shrapnel wound as he fired from a gun turret,
    His mind was only on was how to save his brothers; that was his only desire.
    To bring them out alive and unhurt.
    All he thought of was to Lead, by Example and give up everything for the fight,
    That was something that only a Few strong enough to join him
    As he and two other Marines dodged heavy gun and grenade fire they went out to do what was right.
    And that was to save the lives and recover many of their Strong Brothers on a day full of grim.
    Even today he rejects being a hero,
    He said, “If I was a real hero then I would have brought them back alive.”,
    As he stood there trying to hold back tears and going through what no else will feel or know.
    This is why we are here to say thank you and your brothers and you, for your determination, and drive.
    By Frank Pulver
    To him receiving this award will probably be nothing more than a piece of medal. It was all about showing those words that he learned a long time ago, and that was Semper Fidelis, two words that mean Always Faithful. And he was going to be faithful and true to his brothers that were stuck in enemy fire. So please Sgt Dakota Meyer try to accept this Honor as you being one of the few that are there protecting our nation.
    No, we will never know that pain that you are going through. But we are there for you my Marine brother to help you deal with this pain. I can feel the thanks that each Mom, Dad, Wife and Son or Daughter want to give you for what you risked your life to do for your brothers.
    I can only say, “Semper Fi”, to you my Marine brother and thanks for that you did on that day.

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